HP Refresher Course

HP Refresher Course for previously trained supervisors:

Cost is $50. This two hour live teleconference/screen share covers both philosophy and practical issues to get you back practicing HP, or to complete your previous training.

Please use the Paypal button below to pay and register. Indicate the desired date. Maximum of 9 students each date. More dates will be scheduled if classes fill.

If your membership has lapsed, then there is an additional membership fee of $200 for a full year (Jan -Dec) or $105 for half a year (June-Aug).

See Calendar

For those that would just like an update on philosophy we have a YouTube version: This is free.  Email katebhom@hotmail.com for the link.

To review previous trainings: The PowerPoint on HP philosophy is downloadable from the documents tab. All Certified HP Supervisors have free access to this presentation. Your training was recorded.  Please email if you need another audio recording sent to you. You have unlimited access to these and the UDEMY class, Info noted at the bottom of the HP Documents page.

Identify what you are registering for in the payment box.

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