Homeopathic Proving of Coronavirus Nosode

The shattered mirror: synthesis of induced and cured symptoms of coronavirus nosode, in homeopathic dilution in humans.

Authors: Birch, K., Heng, J., Morse, C., Garrison, S., Wood, C., Calvi-Rooney, G., Dobelmann, U.

Data analysis team: Miller, A., Chinery, A., Iger, J., Beierle, K., Wadely, K., Mearns, M., Hunter, R., Schoenecker, S., Garland. S.

Keywords: Homeoprophylaxis (HP), Proving, Coronavirus, Immunity, Infectious Disease, Nosode.

In March of 2020 FHCi embarked on the research of Coronavirus Nosode for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19. Two papers were published as a result of this research.

Learn more about the Safety, Effects and Efficacy of Coronavirus Nosode here.

Homeopathic provings are the cornerstone of Homeopathic practice. Through the proving process not only do we learn about the pathogenesis of the disease process that a substance has the potential to produce, we know according to the ‘law of similars,’ the healing system of homeopathy, that when this substance is used in potency it has the potential to heal said ailment.

Moreover, in the process of a proving, not only are the participants helped with regards to any transient symptoms that may develop, they are all transformed mentally and emotionally by the process. We invite you to learn more here.

The complete Materia Medica and repertorization results will be available in RadarOpus soon.

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3 Responses to Homeopathic Proving of Coronavirus Nosode

  1. Elaine L Ferguson D.O. says:

    This is very interesting! Will there be a follow-up study to check for antibody formation on those receiving the covid nosode; it might prove to be a good solution to develop antibodies (for those not previously exposed) to avoid “the jab”.

    • TheSolution_HP says:

      So far this is not on our slate as we are not backed by any medical institution who would sponsoer this kind of work. The testing would all need to be done by the same agency to have uniform results. Participants are spread through out the noation, continent, and world. It would be on a case by case or individual persuit.

    • TheSolution_HP says:

      We do have a follow-up process starting but we will not be testing antibodies. Only effects and efficacy and comparing if they have the Jax also

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