Novus-CV (cov-19) Materia Medica and Repertorization

A homeopathic proving is a process of taking the remedy and watching what happens in your physical body, and on the mental and emotional planes. As a result, your consciousness is upgraded and then liberated from the expression of the disease in your human body and collectively in society.

Attached are two of the most important documents of the proving of Novus-CV. One is the condensed Materia Medica, and the second is the complete repertorization of symptoms as found in RadarOpus.

This content was gathered, analyzed, collated, and repertorized based on the 2020 FHCi Research process of Coronavirus nosode. A deep examination of the symptoms generated in the proving not only gives insight into the pathogenesis of COVID-19 but also the homeopathic potential to heal the same.

Our assembly of participants, researchers, data entry persons, and the repertoriaztion team where all deeply moved by the journey of suffering during this epidemic. Our work was measured against health, homeopathic philosophy, accuracy of reporting, our own soul’s journeys, and simple devotion to humanity.

Thank you to all who participated in the largest homeopathic proving ever orchestrated.

Download Complete Materia Medica here:

Downlaod Complete Repertorization here:

December, 2021

Abstract and Proving published in Similia, The Australian Journal of Homeopathic Medicine, Volume 34: #2, December 2021.

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