Safety, Effects, and Efficacy of Coronavirus Nosode

Authors: Birch, K., Heng, J., Morse, C., Garrison, S., Wood, C., Calvi-Rooney, G., Dobelmann, U.

Data analysis team: Miller, A., Chinery, A., Iger, J., Beierle, K., Wadely, K., Mearns, M., Hunter, R., Schoenecker, S., Garland. S.

Keywords: Adverse Events, Coronavirus, Homoeopathy, Homoeoprophylaxis (HP), Long-term Health Outcomes, Infectious Disease, Nosodes, Public Health Program.

In March of 2020 FHCi embarked on the research of Coronavirus Nosode for the prevention and treatment of Covid-19.

The preliminary summaries of this research are discussed in the videos linked here.

The final outcomes are published in the above article.

There are very few large scale homeoprophylaxis (HPx) research projects. This was the largest homeopathic proving ever done, and the only proving of a homeopathic nosode completed.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this ground breaking research, not only for coronavirus, but also for homeopathy.

We hope that this ground breaking work will be cited throughout the world with regards to the valid use of HPx for public health and as a vital part of homeopathic practice.

Share far and wide.

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