4. Advanced HP, Infectious Disease, and Homeo-detox

Suitable for Advanced Homeopathic Students and Practitioners. Curriculum is based on the principles of classical homeopathy but due to the complex nature of health in children, complex homeopathic applications will be presented and explained.

This is foundational work to understand if children are ready to proceed with HP for immune system education and how to repair their immune systems if not.

Understand the impact of pregnancy and childbirth on infant and childhood development, infectious disease interactions, healthy HP response, and vaccine damage.

ACHENA Approved for 12.5 hours: Pre-recorded, taught by Kate Birch, RSHom(NA), CCH.

You must complete the entire course, proficiency questions and ACHENA Eval Form for certificate of hours. 12.5 hours.

Fees: $175 for Active/Current  FHCi HP Supervisors

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Overview below:

1.       Taking the case: Initial health profile: 1:30 hour
2.       Fetal development, nervous system, intestinal lining, Biome, and Immune response: 1:45 hour
3.       Addressing Birth, Biome, and Immune Foundation: 1:45 hour
4.       Understanding the vaccine chart: 1 hour
5.       What is acute disease: Understanding HP responses: 1:35 hour
6.       Miasmatic implications in infectious disease processes: 1:30 hour
7.       Vaccine injury, how to Clear Vaccination injury: 1:30 hour
8.       Cases, questions, and blessings: 1 hour
Total 12.5 hours