FHCi HP Supervisor Membership Benefits

Who we are:

FHCi is an IRS 501(c)3, Charitable organization dedicated to Education, Research and Access to Homeoprophylaxis.

Membership with FHCi as a HP Supervisor entitles you to the following:

  • Listing on our Website.
  • Join the WhatsApp discussion/support group of fellow HP Supervisors. Our primary tool for peer support and HP supervision.
  • Email and phone support for questions regarding courses and general HP Admin.
  • The benefit of a central organization you can align yourself with.
  • Unlimited access to the HP Kit (nosodes) due to FHCi’s Medical Advisor’s prescription.
  • The Legal Strategy Fund that will be used to protect our ability to do what we are doing.
  • Access to all FHCi docs, Program Booklets, Waiver forms and public lectures.
  • Periodic free continuing education opportunities or supervision.
  • Be a part of our online discussion groups for continued support, emerging situations and community support
  • The ability to participate in future projects with FHCi.

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