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Are Homeopaths implicit in the Measles Outbreak?

Click here to listen. Listen to the uncut version of Ed Pilkington, of the UK Guardian, interviewing Homeopath Kate Birch, on the subject of measles, vaccination, homeoprophylaxis, vaccine damage and CEASE therapy. Sponsored by Free and Healthy Children International.

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Golden’s Research in Homeoprophylaxis

Dr Isaac Golden is a pioneer in homeoprophylaxis research. This thesis paper is based on the the research he carried out in Australia from 1985-2000. Read more for a full understanding on the basic tenants of Homeoprophylaxis and research outcomes … Continue reading

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International Homeoprophylaxis Awareness Week: August 5-11, 2108

For the week of Aug 5-11 2018, join Free and Health Children International (FHCi) and other supporting organizations to learn more and  help promote Homeoprophylaxis. Please watch our site for blogs and videos and events so you can learn more … Continue reading

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The Truth About Vaccines

The 7 part series on the myths and facts about vaccines and how they work in your immune system aired in January 2018. You can register through link below to purchase your own copy for $247. Register here now to  … Continue reading

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Homeoprophylaxis and Self-Government (80 min)

What does measles need to tell us? How does the immune system work? And how homeoprophylaxis works your immune system in relation to the Government. Kate Birch recorded live in Irvine CA Jan 14. 2017.

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Mommy Gut, Government and Infectious Disease (40 min)

What do these have to do with each other and how does homeoprophylaxis work in the immune system? Listen to Kate Birch as she is interviewed with Tania Dilmani discuss the complex issue between government mandated vaccines, How the immune … Continue reading

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Live lecture from FHCi Symposium June 12, 2016

How Vaccines Affect the Immune System by Kate Birch Click on image to watch:

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