HP Supervisor CEU request form

Hello HP Supervisors.

In 2019 we are expanding our education for HP Supervisors so that you can more effectively supervise your HP families not only in relation to HP but also vaccines, vaccine damage/ and damage prevention in addition to constitutional prescribing of CEASE clearing to support those children with constitutional issues that limit their ability to effectively utilize HP. In addition there needs to be more education in the realm of infectious disease, glyphosate toxicity, CEASE therapy, nutritional or functional support review of clinical tests/analysis reports etc.

We would like to ask what more education you feel you need to be able to sufficiently practice HP, promote HP, and interface with your families. This contact form will help us prioritize what we need to focus on.

If there are teachers among us who would like to participate in any of these education initiatives we want your input preferred offering.

In 2019 we be will rolling out two educational platforms and asking if you want to teach anything in particular:

  1. For the general public
  2. For HP Supervisors CEUs to be ACHENA approved

Please complete the following. Check all that apply.