Free and Healthy Children International

Free and Healthy Children International

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From 2009-2014 635 children entered into the research for this 44 month HP program for the effectiveness of Homeoprophylaxis in North America, based on the work of Dr. Isaac Golden.

2018 marked the conclusion of participation and in 2019 analysis of data is taking place. Our aim is to be able to publish that date by the winter of 2020.

Since then, under the umbrella of FHCi there are over 2000 children doing homeoprophylaxis to develop their immune systems towards infectious disease.  In 5 years we hope to have over 10,000 children participating.

We are accepting donations to help pay for analysis of the research. In the August 2019 fundraising drive generate $3000. Please invest in the future you would like to see.

Donate through paypal giving fund here 


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If you want to expand access to HP as a legal- state-endorsed option for infectious disease prevention, please consider funding the research.


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