The FHCi Homeoprophylaxis Program: Get Help From A Qualified Homeopath

Welcome to Free and Healthy Children International, your source for knowledgeable Certified Homeoprophylaxis Practitioners.

Why Choose an FHCi-Certified Supervisor?
At Free and Healthy Children International (FHCi), we believe that a well-trained homeopath makes the best homeoprophylaxis (HP) provider. The HP Supervisors certified by FHCi have received comprehensive training in the use and action of homeopathic remedies in general. In addition, they have completed required coursework  which allows them to offer the FHCi homeoprophylaxis program as a specialty within their individual homeopathic practices. Homeopaths who have completed this training are eligible to use the C.HP credential.

To locate a Certified FHCi Practitioner, please use the map locator at the right. For more information about our program and how to partner with an HP Supervisor, visit any of the pages under the heading “Parents Start Here.”

What to Expect
The goal of HP is to give the developing immune system a mild immunological stimulation towards a variety of infectious disease processes using homeopathic nosodes. A nosode is a homeopathically attenuated, ultra-diluted preparation of a pure disease agent. Each child responds to this stimulation in her/his own way, based on their unique susceptibility. A normal immune response can include fever, fussiness, and discharge based on the symptom characteristics of the nosode given. As there is no actual disease agent in the nosode, it is normal for this mini-immunological expression of the general, innate immune system to pass on its own within 12-24 hours of taking the remedy. This immunological rehearsal, or education process, is what builds immunity.

While the FHCi HP program is designed to be self-administered, and HP is relatively simple for parents to give to their children, occasionally the immunological response activated by a remedy lasts longer than 12-24 hours. In these cases additional homeopathic support is required. Families registered with an FHCi Supervisor are given guidance for the duration of the program and counseled in the event that additional remedies are needed. FHCi has developed its program in such a way as to ensure that every child undertaking the HP Program has open access to a homeopath.

Historical Foundation of Homeoprophylaxis
For over 200 years, in many cities around the world, practitioners of homeopathy have been treating and preventing infectious disease. Dr. Samuel Hahnemann, the Founder of Homeopathy, first became aware of the mode of disease prevention in 1801 through his use of Belladonna for scarlet fever.[i] Since then, homeopathy has been used to treat and prevent all forms of infectious disease from the likes of childhood illness, to epidemics of polio,[ii] influenza,[iii] meningitis,[iv] dengue[v] and leptospirosis, among others.[vi]







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