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Homeoprophylaxis Is Not Vaccination!

Homeoprophylaxis is a method by which an infectious agent in homeopathic dilution is administered to elicit an immune response. Our immune systems are pre-programmed to make specific responses, depending on the kind of infectious agent. Whooping cough is cleared from … Continue reading

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Does HP make antibodies? And are antibodies synonymous with immunity?

This is the question of the year! However, before we can answer this question we must review the misconceptions of the vaccine paradigm. The basis of the vaccine paradigm is the quest to make antibodies. Research shows that some vaccines, … Continue reading

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Infectious disease: A moment of truth

This world. The inner and outer. The strength of the immune system in relation to an infectious agent. Is disease something to be feared, or rather, stepped into, so as to reconcile our inner disparages? What is true in the … Continue reading

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What if we dilute the infectious principle?

When Louis Pasteur was studying rabies, and attempting to make a rabies vaccine in the mid 1800’s, he was perplexed by this conundrum: after being  injected with the blood from an actively rabid dog’s blood the subject dogs all died. … Continue reading

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Pro-#Infectious Disease Prevention: Comparing HP & Vaccination

We are looking for ways to be responsible to society by helping to keep disease incidence down and to #prevent autism.  The question is how can we be pro-infectious disease prevention and still #question vaccines? More importantly, the question is … Continue reading

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What Would be a GREEN Vaccine?

Green means a product or service which is environmentally sustainable, and non-toxic. Green means to reduce impact on the environment and natural resources. Green also means to focus on a system of economic activity that benefits the health of individuals … Continue reading

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Vaccines and Homeoprophylaxis Share the Same History

Did you know Homeoprophylaxis was developed at the same time as the smallpox vaccine? And that the cowpox vaccine for smallpox worked by the homeopathic law of similar disease? Historically, with the smallpox epidemics in Europe, it was observed that … Continue reading

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