All FHCi HPx Programs

2023 will be the tenth anniversary of FHCi. In these ten years we have accomplished two major research projects, one of our childhood HPx Program and the second of the Coronavirus nosode program. Through this work we have learned so much about HPx and the immune system.

From this understanding, and the historical applications of HPx and Homeopathy in infectious disease settings, FHCi is pleased to roll out a number of HPx programs all designed to increase health and well-being.

The following collection of programs are designed to activate and increase immune system functionality and well-being. There are HPx Programs designed for multiple age groups, targeting the immunological needs for maturity and functionality for all ages.

If you are interested in one of more programs, please contact your HPx Practitioner

EIGHT Immunological Education HPx Programs for all ages

1. Healthy Biome HPx Program: Establishing the foundation of life and vitality.  

Bacteria and virus help to maintain healthy skin and the health of all mucosal linings, fortifying their primary purpose of the individual interfacing with the environment.

This program aims to correct and prevent biome imbalances. 9 remedies for ecological balance taken over 9 or 18 weeks. Suitable for all ages.

2.      Full Childhood Immunological HPx Program: for healthy childhood development and intact immune systems.

Sequential dosing of childhood infectious disease remedies plays an important role in supporting, facilitating, and maintaining normal childhood development, the natural cycle of disease, and intact immune systems.

Recommended from infancy to 18 years of age. Also, for nursing mothers and those who missed out on childhood disease processes. 10/11* diseases. Duration: 48 months. 

3.      Young Adult and College Prep HPx Program (YACP): the emergence of true self and critical thinking through immune system stimulation of the maturing individual.

With HPx, the action of immune stimulation, adaptation, and rest, results in strengthening the system catalyzing far-reaching planes of human development and consciousness. This HPx program is intended for a time when emergence of the true self, social intelligence, and critical thinking corresponds with immune system maturation.

6 diseases and 6 supportive remedies for a robust immune system in the social context for college age and young adults. Suitable for 17-25-year-olds. Duration: 6 or 12 months.

4.      Travel HPx Programs: healthy immune systems while expanding world view. 

The introduction of disease remedies from foreign environments builds the adaptation skills necessary for those environments to expand one’s immune capacity and world view.

5 diseases and supportive remedies. Individualized based on travel destination, season, and needs. Duration of Program: 5 or 10 weeks. All Ages.

5.      Healthy Sexuality and Pre-Procreation HPx Program (HSPP): alignment and corrective immunity to the divine order of life to harmonize sexual relationships and procreative viability. 

Sequential dosing of sexually transmitted disease remedies promotes healthy intimacy, tempers susceptibility to sexually transmitted diseases, and activates corrective immunity and alignment towards the divine order of creation potential.

Recommended for sexually mature individuals between the ages of 16-35 years. 7 diseases and 7 supportive remedies to promote healthy intimacy and sexuality. Program duration: 7 or 14 months.

6.      HPx for Healthy Pregnancy and Fetal Development (HPFD): releasing inherited afflictions to liberate your offspring. 

Unless modified, inherited conditions affect the epigenetics of our children. Gestation is a transformational time for mother and fetus. This HPx Program is aimed towards releasing inherited afflictions for optimal health in pregnancy and the liberation of your offspring.

Can be started any time prior to conception through gestation. 7 diseases and 7 supportive remedies for freeing both mother and child. Duration of program: 7 months.

7.      Immune Health for Seniors HPx (IHE): activation of immune system memory supporting the role of  elders in family settings.

Immune health is maintained through socialization with all age groups. By activating immune system memory with HPx, the role of the elders in communities and family setting groups is fully supported.

HPx dosing gently stimulates immune response and induces a mild adaptation process, which in turn strengthens and activates healthy immune function and coherence.

Recommended for those 55 years and older. 6 diseases and 6 supportive remedies to maintain immune health. Duration of program: 6 months.

8.      Single disease evolution. prevention: Variable, depending on season, climate, and socio-political issues.

Occasions: seasonal influenza, radiation, pandemic, environmental influences, other.

HPx dosing gently stimulates immune response and induces a mild adaptation process, which in turn strengthens and activates healthy immune function and coherence. Suitable for any age.


Your HPx Practitioner will be able to answer any questions you may have to help determine the right program for you or your family’s needs.