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San Francisco Sept 2017

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30 amazing presentations, by top experts from around the world, including Keynotes by

Chris Exley, PhD and Suzanne Humphries, MD:

Keynote Presentations:

·         Living Safely (and Healthily) in the Aluminium Age – Christopher Exley, PhD

·         Vitamin C and Pregnancy – Experience and the Medical Literature – Suzanne Humphries, MD

How to create a non-toxic home

·         Feeling Safe: How to release Emotional and Physical Toxins for Optimal Wellbeing – Amy B. Scher, Dawn DeSylvia, MD

·         The Dangers of Wi-Fi and Other EMFs, Plus Simple Steps to Create a Healthier Home – Liz Menkes

·         Create a Non-Toxic Oasis with Salt Lamps, Essential Oils, and More – Ariane Resnick, CNC

·         Glyphosate RoundUp: What you need to know now – Stephen Frantz, PhD

·         Bringing Up Baby – Sally Fallon Morell

·         Unblind My Mind: What Are We Eating? – Katherine Reid, PhD

·         Toxics from Dentistry: Why do dentists use mercury, nickel and fluoride and how does that impact you? – David Kennedy, DDS

Vaccine basics – What every parent needs to know about vaccines that their doctor won’t tell them

·         Vaccine Recommendations, Vaccine Injury and the Law – Theresa Wrangham

·         Miller’s Review of Critical Vaccine Studies: Important Scientific Papers Summarized – Neil Z. Miller

·         The Role of Infectious Disease in Vaccine Injury – Kate Birch, CCH, RSHom(NA)

·         Living in the Aluminium Age – Christopher Exley, PhD

·         What are your medical and educational options if you choose not to vaccinate – in CA and elsewhere – Christina Hildebrand

·         Homeoprophylaxis: The Immune System Educator – Kate Birch, CCH, RSHom(NA)

·         Dissolving Illusions: The real history behind polio and the polio vaccine – Suzanne Humphries, MD

·         Dinner Keynote: Living Safely (and Healthily) in the Aluminium Age – Christopher Exley, PhD

Childhood disease basics – Eliminating the fear of and being prepared for childhood diseases

·         Warmth: When did we lose it, how can we get it back? – Debra Gambrell, DO

·         Measles Does Not Have to be Scary: Homeopathy Can Help – Myra Nissen, CCH, RSHom(NA)

·         Measles, Mumps, Rubella: Signs, Symptoms and Strategies – Erin Hudson, BHSc(CompMed), DipNat, DipHerbMed

·         Herd immunity: Are vaccines really the answer? – Suzanne Humphries, MD

·         Chicken Pox Party: Bring your own Shingles – Erin Hudson, BHSc(CompMed), DipNat, DipHerbMed

·         The Undying Mythology of Tetanus – Tim O’Shea, DC

·         HPV: The viruses and the vaccines – A risk/benefit analysis – Marcella Piper-Terry

How to support the immune system to ensure optimal health even in time of illness

·         Using Flower, Gem and Environmental Essences to support Children and Parents through Life Transitions – Patricia Meyer

·         The 11 Characteristics of Traditional Diets: Building Whole Body Health and Natural Immunity – Jessica Prentice

·         Building Immunity Naturally – Sally Fallon Morell

·         Natural products including cannabinoids in regeneration of healthy stem cells – Judy Mikovits, PhD

·         The Dirt Cure: How Getting Dirty Keeps Kids Healthy – Maya Shetreat-Klein, MD

·         We don’t need another drug!!! – Phillip Carson, R Ph. DPh

·         Going Upstream to Maximize Immune System Function – Heather Rice, DC

·         Keynote Speech: Vitamin C and Pregnancy – Experience and the Medical Literature – Suzanne Humphries, MD