This page lists our projects and projects of affiliated organizations participating in research in Homeopathy for prevention and treatment of infectious disease.

1. Free and Healthy Children International – North America

FHCI conducts research into the effectiveness of Homeoprophylaxis in North America; based on the work of Dr Isaac Golden. READ MORE

2. Amma Resonance Healing Foundation – African continent

The Amma Resonance Healing Foundation (ARHF) is a non-profit organization based in The Netherlands. The prime targets of the ARHF are the treatment and prevention of epidemics (HIV/AIDS, Malaria, TB etc) and the relieve of collective trauma due to genocide, war, rape, natural catastrophes, etc. The focus of its activities is primarily on countries in Africa. READ MORE

3. Abha Light Foundation – Kenya

AbhaLight is focused on improving and maintaining the health of the people using homeopathy and complementary medicines, alternative medicines and health practices, through homeopathic and natural medicine mobile and permanent health clinics, health training programs, schools of homeopathy and complementary medicines and natural therapies. READ MORE

4. Homeopathy for Health in Africa – Tanzania

Homeopathy for Health in Africa is a voluntary non-profit organization treating AIDS patients with homoeopathy.We have been in northern Tanzania since 2009 when homeopathic practitioners Jeremy and Camilla Sherr moved with their young children and opened the first clinic.  Now there are twelve clinics in the Kilimanjaro region, ranging from back yards and huts in rural villages to AIDS support centers, a Maasai village and two hospitals. READ MORE.

5. Endeavour College of Natural Health – Australia

The Endeavour College works with Dr. Isaac Golden of Australia and The Finlay Institute in Cuba to promote, develop and further the research of homeoprophylaxis in Cuba. READ MORE

6. Homeopaths without Borders – NA – North America/International

Homeopaths Without Borders – North America (HWB-NA) incorporated as a nonprofit humanitarian organization in the United States in 1996. Offering both homeopathic treatment and education to foster independence in the use of homeopathic medicine, we have provided service in Cuba, Honduras, El Salvador, Antigua, Guatemala, Dominican Republic, Trinidad and Haiti. READ MORE