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Free and Healthy Children International is an IRS 501(c)(3) Charity


1614 Harmon Place, Suite 204, Minneapolis MN 55403

Please make a tax-deductible donation to support our work.

November 2020 Update:

We are in the final steps of our
Coronavirus HP research!

After 5 months of data wrangling the FHCi Data Analysis Team is in the final steps of our work determining the safety, effects and efficacy of Novus-CV for Covid-19 prevention.

We could not have gotten this far this without you!

Now we need help finishing our research.

We need: $5000

Without your desire for safe and natural alternative to healthy immune system education and disease prevention we would not have been able to do this research.

Without your donations and support towards the future you want for your friends and family we could not have started this research!

We are committed to the work but it has taken twice as long as our budget had considered. We are about 1.5 months out from completion and ran out of money last month!

Your donation will help us complete the research and publication for the benefit of our communities to cope with continued or future pandemics.

Thank you for your dedication to homeoprophylaxis as a way to help your immune systems stay strong.

What would happen is everyone took the nosode? Can you help us complete the work? Watch this short message from Kate Birch about FHCi’s COVID-19 Research. Click on image or Here


Contributions of any amount are greatly appreciated and will help to increase access to HP, and allow us to complete our research.

If you are interested in learning more about our past research on the childhood program, or having a copy of this publication sent to a leader of your choice, Sign up here to donate: Purchase Long-Term Research book and donate here. 

Thank you!

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