HP Program Overview

Homeoprophylaxis for Free and Healthy Children

Parents: you can  find a registered HP Supervisor in your area below. If there isn’t one in your state or city choose someone from another area. Our supervisors can assist you long distance with video consults. To participate in the HP program you will need to become an HP Family Member. (See Below)

HP Family Membership:  FHCi has established a membership platform to access the program. Learn more here. Once you have contacted a HP Supervisor they will assist you with the Family Membership.

All aspects of this program are overseen and monitored by Free and Healthy Children International, dedicated to the Research, Education and Access to HP.

While the HP Program is intended to be self-administered, access to nosodes is only available through a practitioner and we advise all children to be registered with an HP Supervisor for the duration of the program.

Please note, Homeoprophylaxis is not a vaccine substitute. It works under a different mechanism of action and educates the immune system in a more complete way than vaccines do. Ask your HP Supervisor to explain why.

No system of disease prevention, Vaccination or HP can promise disease prevention.

The content of this website is not to be misconstrued as medical advice nor does it replace the consult of a physician or practitioner. Reader assumes the responsibility of investigating for themselves disease prevention methodologies that concur with their beliefs and understanding.

This program is suitable for:

  • Children who have not been vaccinated
  • Partially vaccinated children
  • Children who have been fully vaccinated

The success of the stimmulatory action of the Nosodes on the immune system assumes that the immune system is in proper working order. The program can be started for healthy un-vaccinated children at any age, including infants as young as 2 weeks old.

For those children who have been partially or fully vaccinated, that have chronic or recurring health conditions, it is recommended that the child receive some constitutional homeopathic care or CEASE protocol prior to starting the HP program to balance the immune system and ensure that their immune systems will respond with the appropriate response to these disease agents. This is something that will be decided together with your HP Supervisor.

Included in the Childhood HP Program:

  • Family Membership with FHCi and monthly Family Newsletter
  • HP Program Remedy Kit, with dosing for up to 4 people
  • HP Program Booklet, with HP information, the HP dosing schedule and instructions, and Prophylaxis Record Sheet
  • Support for the duration of the HP Program from your HP Supervisor
  • Access to your Homeopath for other acute or chronic health support (additional consult fees apply)
  • HP Certificate at completion of the HP Program

Supplied with the program is a remedy kit with sufficient remedy doses for up to four children/people to complete 44 months of Homeoprophylaxis (HP) for some of the diseases for which vaccines are most commonly recommended:

  • Polio
  • Streptococcus A-G
  • Whooping Cough (Pertussis)
  • Pneumococcal Disease (PCV)
  • Haemophilus (HIB)
  • Meningococcal Disease
  • Tetanus
  • Mumps
  • Measles

Additional remedies may be added to the Childhood HP Program if there are special circumstances or needs. (i.e., for foreign travel, special concerns, or disease outbreaks). Extra remedies may be purchased through your HP supervisor according to the fee schedule supplied with the initial forms.

The nosodes selected for the Main Childhood HP Program are based on current disease prevalence and/or risk factors. If the incidence of any diseases not included in the Program increases, it is possible to add the pertinent additional remedies.

The goal of HP is to introduce into the human system the energetic components of individual diseases in order to stimulate the immune system to produce an immunological response to that disease.

Homeopathic Nosodes, such as the remedies included in the HP Program kit provided, are potentized preparations of the relative disease organism or humans discharges produced in response to that particular microbe. Upon repetition of the nosode it is understood, based on homeopathic philosophy, that some aspect of susceptibility to that disease expression has been fulfilled.

It is not the goal of HP to produce titers or anti-bodies. The goal is to assist the maturing immune system in recognizing disease entities to be able have a balanced coordinated response to exposure of disease, thereby either not contracting the disease or having a mild to normal expression of the disease.

Our research has demonstrated that occasionally after completion of programs like this, blood titers have produced antibody levels. Keep in mind that blood titer levels are not synonymous with immunity and it is possible to develop general immunity without titers. Blood titer draws are not a required aspect of this program. However, if you are so inclined to determine your child’s level of blood titers they can be ordered under the care of your general practitioner.

RESPONSES TO REMEDIES IN THE KIT: It is a normal and expected part of this program for your child to produce an immunological response to the nosodes. This  demonstrates that your child’s immune system is engaged appropriately. Occasionally a child will react more intensely to a particular remedy in the kit. These are NOT toxic reactions, but represent a clearing effect and the unique susceptibility of your child. These immune responses are typically very mild and short, lasting for 24 hours or less.

Responses are a good sign and usually indicate that there is some affinity of the child to the remedy given. If you believe your child has a prolonged response to the first single dose, you would contact the overseeing homeopath before giving the triple dose the following month so that he/she can evaluate what has occurred. If your child has a stronger than expected response to any remedy, do NOT use essential oils or other homeopathic remedies to manage the symptoms as this may negate the normal immunological response the HP is seeking to stimulate. Instead, please call your HP Supervisor for assistance in these situations.

Common responses include: Sleepiness, runny nose, mild fever, lower appetite, mild cough, loose stools, and/or sweat. Intense responses are rare. However, if your child strongly responds to any nosode, contact your HP supervisor before giving any more doses of that nosode. Not all children will respond to all nosodes. This is also normal. An absence of response can mean that your child has less of a susceptibility to the disease/nosode in question.

Four important points to consider:

  1. The enclosed program is designed for those parents who have made the decision not to vaccinate their children, but who would like to employ a safe alternative method of protection.
  2. No method of protection can be guaranteed 100% effective. If your child is likely to be exposed to a definite source of infectious disease other than those listed in the Program, contact your HP Supervisor for additional remedies.
  3. Some parents choose not to give the remedies for normally mild diseases such as Measles, knowing that the disease itself provides the most certain protection against later infection. If there are diseases that you feel have become obsolete or your child has outgrown the risk period we still recommend giving the doses as there is benefit to the immune system from the immunological exercise the HP nosodes offer. Even if your child has already received some orthodox vaccines we recommend you use the entire program. Accordingly, the nosode corresponding to the disease for which a vaccine was previously administered may in fact help to clear any negative results of the vaccination and/or increase the efficacy of the partial vaccine series. Please also note that all nosodes administered tend to increase the general health of the individual, so we recommend doing all the doses included in the program.
  4. The program is flexible. Regardless of the age of the child, give the remedies in the order shown, one remedy every month. The order of remedies may be changed, with support of your HP Supervisor, depending on circumstance such as disease outbreak, travel or to add in other remedies (such as for Hepatitis A or Influenzinum, etc.) anywhere in the program. Please be sure to note any changes in the Prophylaxis Record. If you change the order of the remedies, keep that order for subsequent doses.