Reported Adverse Events From Homeopropylaxis

Definition: An adverse event is defined as a death, life-threatening adverse drug or device experience, inpatient hospitalization or prolongation of existing hospitalization, a persistent disability/incapacity, or a congenital anomaly/birth defect.

Free and Healthy Children International (FHCi) has been supplying access to Homeoprophylaxis (HP) since 2009. From  January 2009 to December of 2014 all families participating in HP as offered by FHCi were entered in the program under research. A total of 637 children entered this study. The study will be concluded at the end of 2017 and analyzed for publishing in 2018. To date no children in the study have reported an adverse event.

Since January of 2009 approximately 2000 more children have participated in the HP program as offered by FHCi. To date no adverse events have been reported.

To report an adverse event please follow the directions here.

Once a case has been reviewed by the Adverse Event Reporting Committee results will be published here.

Adverse Events under review: (0) June 29. 2020.

Reported Adverse Events: (0) June 29. 2020.