History of FHCi

cropped-free-children.jpgHomeoprophylaxis has been a part of the practice of homeopathy for the last 200 years. However it was not developed as a formal public health model for infectious disease until 1985, when Dr. Isaac Golden established a program under his research model in Australia. He continued to refine and research his program for 15 years, following over 2500 children for the duration of said program. The statistics of his research are noted the book: The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis the Vaccine Alternative, and on various links on the website: freeandhealthychildren.com.

In 2008, Kate Birch, one of the founding directors of Free and Healthy Children International, met Dr. Golden and was impressed by the efficacy rates and ease of administration of his program, and brought it back to the United States.  She saw that the vaccine paradigm was adversely affecting the health of more and more children. Alongside a group of colleagues,  an access model was set up, whereby North American children could have access to Homeoprophylaxis under the umbrella of continued research. All of the HP supervisors for this program have been trained by FHCi. These supervisors are available to answer parents’ questions and to supervise them as they take their children  through the course of the program.

We chose the name Free and Healthy Children International because we want to see children live happy and healthy free lives. The current vaccine paradigm leaves too many children suffering from chronic health conditions; and subsequently the children are not free.

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