Practitioners Start Here

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HP Certification: About

HP Certification: Registration

Training for Naturopaths

Making Payments (Dues, brochures, etc.)

FCHi Continuing education courses

HP Documents (Password protected for HP Supervisors)


2 Responses to Practitioners Start Here

  1. Nicole Kathryn Leverton says:

    Good day, I am a nursing practitioner in Cape Town, South Africa. I plan to open a baby clinic, but I’m not happy to vaccinate children. I would prefer to offer homeoprophylaxis as the alternative. How do I go about this? (I am not a holistic nursing practitioner, as I only received Western medicine training) qualifications)

    • TheSolution_HP says:

      Hello we would love for you to learn more about homeoprophylaxis but you need to have at least 125 hours or acute care in homeopathy so you understand how remedies work, and homeopathy for infectious disease. Maybe you need a homeopath on your staff who would take our training then it can be offered in your clinic.

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