HPx, wheat, polio, zonulin, tight junctions and leaky gut

Polio is a 3000 year old virus that provides genetic information so humans can digest wheat.

An Egyptian farmer bearing gifts to the Pharoh to ask for help so as to prevent polio

The first wheat to be cultivated by Man some 3000 years ago was Einkorn wheat (Triticum monococcum), a simple diploid grain (two sets of chromosomes), high in protein, manganese, magnesium, iron, thiamine (B1), riboflavin (B2), niacin (B3), and pyridoxine B6. Pyridoxine (B6) serves as a coenzyme in some 100 enzyme reactions in amino acid, glucose, and fat metabolism.

Wheat became known as the staff of life. Indeed, seasonal festivals, mythological stories and religious precedencies were established around planting and harvest times. The moon cycles were acknowledged and honored as they mark off the calendar year that agrarian cultures were bound to. Humans were bound to life in rhythm with nature’s cycles. As humans became more successful in an agrarian lifestyle, monetary systems were established with the grain exchange being the foundation upon which all other market values were set.

Over time those early farmers abandoned Einkorn wheat for higher yielding varieties, hybridizing and cross cultivating to produce modern wheat. Egalitarian communities became hierarchical with reapers and hoarders, masters and slaves, kings and peasants. Entire banking systems were established upon grain exchange values. Along the way humans came to want, feeling the hunger of poor crops or the psychological entrapment of dependence upon the whim of nature or the masters who took control of this banking system. According to Samuel Hahnemann, in the evolution of Man, this construct was the first instance of disease for humans, that of Psora: the itch and struggle of a static life and scabies which propagated in permanent dwellings.

Due to these agrarian practices and the development of living settlements the need for sewer management came about. Wild polio virus was present in these early populations as an evolutionary measure for the consumption of the newly hybridized wheats. Its purpose was to down regulate zonulin and the tight junctions of the intestinal lining in infancy when the lining was developing so that the child could eat wheat after weening. Polio passed from human to human through the fecal-oral route, immunity to the virus was conferred from nursing mothers to their infants.[i]

Random historical accounts of the disease of polio were documented by the Egyptians and sporadically throughout the ages. However, it never became endemic until increased sanitation measures in the late 19th and mid-20th centuries served to reduce early infant exposure to the wild virus. As they grew to young children, and if they consumed a diet high in wheat, a resultant lack of polio increased susceptibility to contacting subsequent paralysis from leaky guts and exposure wild polio virus in fecal contaminated water.

Exposure to the wild polio virus in sewer contaminated water by individuals with wheat induced leaky guts, brought on polio epidemics worldwide. Without the early down-regulation of the tight junctions of the intestinal lining in infancy, the polio virus passes through the gut barrier and enters the nervous system, activating the acetylcholine receptors, resulting in paralysis.

Open tight junctions activate the sympathetic nervous system into a fight or flight state and allows for fear-based governmental control mechanisms to become more effective. While global polio eradication programs herald themselves for their prophesized eventuality of the eradication of polio, the co-evolutionary relationship between wheat based agrarian culture and the need for wild polio virus to regulate zonulin has been overlooked.

Commercial wheat, now an eight-chromosome grain due to modern agricultural practices, is virtually nutrient deficient and must be fortified with synthetic nutrients. It has been selected for higher proportion of gliadin variants to glutenin variants. Gliadins facilitate more elasticity of the gluten and the ability to rise during the baking process. The higher gliadin content is causing growing numbers of people to be affected with chronic inflammatory conditions, Celiac disease, leaky gut and leaky brain disorders, obesity, developmental delays and increasing levels of auto-neurotoxicity. The exotoxins released by the body in relation to gluten satiates opioid pain receptors while simultaneously opening the tight junctions, causing fear and paralysis. This cycle leads to greater consumption of wheat or addiction to opioids to numb the pain of that same fear, to numb the pain of the wars activated by global political manipulations.

The only possibility for humanity to reduce these conditions is either total abstinence of wheat, the reintroduction of wild polio virus, to return to consuming ancient grains like Einkorn or to capture the beneficial effects of polio by taking the HPx polio nosode.

While Einkorn is higher on over all protein content than conventional wheat, an entire group of y-gliadins are absent, thus making it more digestible and not interfering with zonulin levels.

Modern agriculture practices with its mono crops, grown on barren soil, artificially propped up by increasing amounts of toxic fertilizers, herbicides, and pesticides, is destroying the environment and life itself. Human beings are now disconnected from the rhythms of nature, and the natural bounty of the earth. Meanwhile, world over, entire governmental and banking systems are on the brink of collapse as a result of capitalistic economies that no longer respect us as individuals or the earth which we depend upon. Rapidly and collectively we are destroying the environment and the entire human race.

The global vaccination movement, especially by the inactivated polio virus vaccine (IPV), has the same root of fear and profiteering at its base and is at the risk of permanently damaging every child’s immune system for the sake of what? All so we can eat more of the genetically modified wheat that has been sprayed with glyphosate, inject more vaccines into infants’ immune systems, instigate wars to control the world banking system, and Implement infectious disease propigation paradigms

Excerpt from Glyphosate Free: An essay on functional nutrition and the homeopathic clearing of glyphosate toxicity

Accordingly, by having polio nosode HPx administered as the first nosode in our homeoprophylaxis program, the tight junctions can close and normal digestion of wheat can occur without causing deleterious effects. That is if the wheat is organic. Polio nosode can also be used clinically in those individuals with leaky gut and wheat intolerance to reduce the intestinal bloating systemic inflammation and to calm the sympathetic nervous system that leaves one in a state of fear. Einkorn wheat is also a better substitute.

[i] Sophie Ochmann, Max Roser. Polio. November 2017. Our World in Data.

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2 Responses to HPx, wheat, polio, zonulin, tight junctions and leaky gut

  1. Ted Gunderson says:

    Humans have known for over 2500 years that heavy metal poisoning causes the symptoms of polio.

    No one has ever made any observations that suggest that polio is a contagious disease caused by a virus.

    The disease doesn’t even spread between children sleeping in the same bed.

    Polio outbreaks occurred in the summer, following the spraying of pesticides.

    No one has ever run a controlled study that supports a viral cause for polio.

    Read the work of Enders or Landsteiner and Popper to see what virologist mistakenly believe as “evidence of viral causation”.


    • TheSolution_HP says:

      I’m not sure if you read the article or not. But human evolution has taken place by interaction with genetic pieces of information: Viruses and bacteria as the sources of this information. The genetic strand of polio came at the time humans started eating wheat to keep the intestinal lining junctions closed. It is not the cause of disease. Only if later exposed when you have eaten a high wheat diet, exposed to chemicals. then we see the toxicity symptoms as you mention.

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