A Parent’s Lecture on Homeoprophylaxis

FHCi.lectureHear Kate Birch and Cilla Whatcott, authors of “The Solution,” lecture about how to support the health of your child by educating the immune system with homeoprophylaxis, also called HP. In this 2.5 hour lecture learn about:

  1. Normal development of immunity
  2. How the immune system relates to a child’s physical, emotional and social growth
  3. The impact of conventional vaccines on the immune system
  4. How HP is a viable alternative that’s been used for 200 years
  5. How to talk to your doctors about HP and Vaccines

Click the button below to donate $10 and have unlimited access to the online lecture to watch over and over and share with family and friends. After entering payment you will be sent a a receipt with the You-tube video links.

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