Public Statement on the use of Homeoprophylaxis (HP)

From Free and Healthy Children EthicsInternational (FHCi)

The first and foremost mission of FHCi is to protect children’s immune systems. The HP Supervisor’s working with FHCi have undergone an extensive training and certification process to be listed in our directory. Our HP Supervisors practice within the scope of our ethical guidelines. We offer access to HP for interested people through registration with the FHCi Family Membership through HP Supervisors. The HP Supervisors have long-term ongoing relationships with their HP families throughout the program where they oversee and respond to needs in the healthy development of their children’s immune systems while undertaking HP.

HP Family Members are those families who, through their own free will, have sought out an alternative method to educate their children’s immune systems towards infectious disease. We register un-vaccinated children and previously vaccinated children. Families can opt for vaccination at any time in the program. Our education platform is clearly described on our website and we encourage families to investigate all options for promoting health in their children.

Considering the recent attacks, falsifications, and public defamation of some of our registered HP Supervisors offering homeoprophylaxis in North America and the UK, Free and Healthy Children International (FHCi) offers this public statement to defend our practitioners and the practice of Homeoprophylaxis:

To be clear, FHCi is:

  • Pro-homeoprophylaxis: HP is in use all over the world for over 200 years.
  • Pro-research: HP has been researched.
  • Pro-first do no harm: as per the Hippocratic Oath.
  • Pro-infectious disease prevention: there are many ways to educate the immune system
  • Pro-informed consent: all families can choose HP or not.
  • Pro-sovereignty of the individual: right to privacy of their body and their children’s body: as per the UN Declaration of Human rights.
  • Pro-healthy infant and children’s immune systems: healthy children make healthy adults.
  • Pro-individuality: through functioning immune systems the individual develops in relationship to the environment they live in.
  • Pro-parental rights: freedom to choose the health care of their option for the raising of their children.
  • Pro-safe immunization: no side-effects, adverse events, or development of chronic diseases. In 9,333 individual doses of HP remedies, no adverse events were reported (to be published).
  • Pro-ethical guidelines: declaration of education, fee schedule,  and ethical responsibility and follow-up for safe health care practices.
  • Pro-social responsibility: healthy HP children contribute to reduced infectious disease outbreaks and do not pose a risk of shedding.
  • Pro-dialog with all stakeholders in public health: it is time for all modalities of health care to be accepted. It is time for consumers to have a voice in the kind of medication they want to receive. It is time for the creators any public health policy to listen to the needs of the consumers.

FHCi Wants to Dialog about the safety, and improved health outcomes of un-vaccinated vs. previously vaccinated children. FHCi is aiming towards all avenues resulting in open access to HP.

FHCi does not subscribe to or endorse any of the following activities:

  • Un-sustainability and lack of transparency in any health care program: the long-term cost of any intervention with relationship to the development of chronic disease or permanent disability must be accounted for in the initial cost of the intervention.
  • Pro-regulatory liability and responsibility of drug makers: if you introduce a drug into the population you must observe its effect and understand its health-benefits and take responsibility for any damages incurred.
  • Manipulation and denial of clear evidence: of the effects of defective drugs or medical devices, leading to deception of the public, legislators and media.
  • Manipulation of science and propaganda: to satisfy political and economic imperatives by ignoring how the immune system works and how biologics by design detrimentally effect the immune system.
  • Mandated application: of any medical intervention ignoring individuals right to privacy and self-determination.
  • Entrapment: Undercover agents posing as interested families for the purpose to malign practitioners.
  • Collective tactics to harm: bully, harass, undermine, or otherwise serve to discredit highly qualified and ethically practicing practitioners of any modality who by their nature are here to serve humanity.

About TheSolution_HP

The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis:The Vaccine Alternative. We are homeopaths who specialize in the homeopathic treatment of infectious contagious disease, vaccine injury and homeoprophylaxis. Visit us at
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