One prayer for the resolution of COVID-19

What we understand is that epidemic diseases come to cure one aspect of the sickness of humanity.

A prayer to release us into healing all aspects COVID-19 disease expression and the root cause of its manifestion from the currption of the oneness inside ourselves.

These are some questions we have:  

We must ask what is Covid-19 here to cure? And these vaxxines, why are they here? And what about all the humans who participated in the creation of this gain of function virus, and are now participating in propagating public policy pushing this poison and acutually spreading disease?

What is their illness? How many are going to continue to propagate the power differential set up between those in power and those of us trying to survive?

The power of homeopathy lays in reverse effort. This means that if a disease is a reuslt of an imbalance and is spreading in one direction in attempts to cure that imballance, then, the potentized disease (homeopathic preparation) has the potential to collapse that vector by bringing awakening to this imblance. A nosode is a remedy made from disease. Novus-CV is the potentized nosode made from active cases of COVID-19. As such, Novus-CV can rectify this imballance.

Thus, what we have found in studying the mental and emotional symptoms produced in the proving of Novus-CV through our research is that we have a unique view of the dynamics of the trajectory of COVID-19. As we have examined and cataloged the impact of the nosode in our research participants, and others who have registered with us, an emerging understanding of the mental and energetic construct at play has revealed itself.

At the deepest root of this disease, on the one side, are the delusions of unworthiness and insufficiency, the feeling of being forsaken by GOD, thus are seeking outside of ourselves for the ability to exist in our body. On the other side there are those with an exaggerated sense of authority and desire to dominate, based on the delusion they are saving humanity or, are more malevolently, trying to kill humanity.

COVID-19 disease expression is the contradiction between narcissism and victimhood.

Also, there is the delusion that we are fundamentally flawed and willing to make bargains with those who are in the image of power and authority for a poison in the attempts to fill, avoid facing, correct, or remediate this erroneously perceived flaw. Also then, as humans by nature, are fundamentally yielding, we have been willing to yield our freedoms away if bullied enough by those who have an exaggerated sense of self-importance. This is a massive imbalance which is mirrored in many social and polotical structures, and how we relate with the globe we live on, our food sources, and environment. We must live in balance with the earth, not in dominance or disregard.

As a result, we ourselves, have set the seed and drank the cool aid that will propagate endless generations of trauma unless we stop. This is what COVID-19 is here to tell us.

Our prayer is now for humanity to realize, to see with real eyes, the vulnerability of our physical reality and the capacity to live in delusion and myth.  Our prayer is for the walls of those myths to collapse to know we are eternal and in that realization alone we can heal anything in this dimension if we are to live in ego balance with ourselves and each other realizing the love all around us. Amen!


FHCi is still working on the symptoms for RadarOpus, a homeopathic software to repertorize symptoms, and just now added the first two in the files that will be uploaded. Cure of Fever and Continued Fever. We notice that those who developed a fever, which is the first sign of our immune system activation in the face of an external threat. We have over 900 symptoms to catalog. This is time taking work, with microscopic details and confirmation processes. But this diligence is needed to weave our way into grasping the depth of the disease and in so doing we too are working to interrupt the trajectory of the disease so as to free the basic self-organizing creation field within we have manifested this physical reality.

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  1. Az says:

    Loved this explanation. I totally agree!

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