Testament to Immunization

Please be advised that the person named on an immunization certificate has completed a Covid-19 immunization program through the use of Homeoprophylaxis (HPx)1. Homoeopathic remedies have been used for this purpose since 1801.2 Clinical evidence shows that the method is comparably effective in the prevention of disease to vaccines, without the risks of toxic side-effects. Extensive trials of single disease or multiple disease protocols have shown efficacy and effectiveness of around 90-100%. 3, 4

  1. The remedies have been prepared by licensed homoeopathic pharmacies in the United States of America, and are all at potencies above 12c, meaning that no molecules of original substance are present in the remedies. Homoeopathic remedies are not vaccines, and do not contain any molecules of toxic or antigenic material.
  2. Hahnemann, S. The Cure and Prevention of Scarlet Fever. 1801
  3. Golden, I. Vaccination & Homoeoprophylaxis – A Review of Risks and Alternatives. 7th edition. 2010. Isaac Golden Publications. Gisborne
  4. Birch, K. et all. The Safety, effects, and efficacy of coronavirus nosode. https://freeandhealthychildren.org/2021/06/27/safety-and-efficacy-of-coronavirus-nosode/

About TheSolution_HP

The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis:The Vaccine Alternative. We are homeopaths who specialize in the homeopathic treatment of infectious contagious disease, vaccine injury and homeoprophylaxis. Visit us at hpsolution.me
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