Grandma and Grandpa are Really Sheep

By Ruth Pearson Smith, HP Supervisor in Florida.sheep in wolf
Have you see the commercial based on the “Big, Bad Wolf,” which are grandparents of a newborn baby, who presumably is in danger of  infecting the child with whooping cough (Pertussis) because the newborn hasn’t yet been conventionally vaccinated?  While it is true that whooping cough is potentially fatal to infants the message conveyed through the conventional paradigm is that grandparents should be vaccinated so that they won’t spread whooping cough to the new born.  According to conventional medicine, this could happen even if they don’t have any active symptoms of pertussis.
On the face of it, this cocooning makes some sense, but it’s based on a questionable assumption that vaccination against pertussis, by using the TDaP vaccine, is a guarantee of not getting pertussis. However, recent pertussis outbreaks have occurred in children who have been fully vaccinated as well as those not fully vaccinated.  Furthermore, studies show that those who get the vaccine can actually harbor para-pertussis B without symptoms and may be more likely to spread this disease to vulnerable newborns.1
So grandma and grandpa, after being conventionally vaccinated, could still get pertussis and/or then spread para-pertussis to the newborn. Thus, actually becoming wolves rather than the harmless sheep they already are
Grandma and grandpa could still become infected with pertussis after vaccination and they could spread infection simply by being vaccinated because they can shed the disease which has been introduced with the vaccine, according to Leslie Minookian who made the film “The Greater Good” which aims to open a dialog about vaccine safety.2
If you’re concerned about whooping cough you might also be concerned about relying on the cocooning effect.  I would be concerned about introducing the spectre of whooping cough when it might not be introduced into the environment naturally. Those first few weeks of a newborns life the mother is to be home resting. To me, cocooning with vaccination would pose a greater risk to the child than doing nothing at all.
Healthy grand parents with no active symptoms of natural disease are really like sheep and do not pose a risk to your newborn child. If they had whooping couch as a child they would be immune. If mom had whooping cough as a child her antibodies would protect the newborn. Rather than being wolves dressed as sheep they are actually sheep that have been turned into wolves through vaccination.
An alternative to the TDaP vaccine is to introduce pertussis through a homeopathic nosode, as in Homeoprophylaxis (HP), in order to educate the baby’s immune system to know how to deal with this infectious disease if it was encountered naturally in the environment. As this nosode does not contain any live antigen, but only helps to stimulate a healthy protective immune response to the whooping cough, this can be taken by the entire family because there is no possible shedding.  To me, homeoprophylaxis is much less of a risk than doing nothing at all.

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