Learn More about Real Immunity Here

Cilla Whatcott, co-founder of FHCi,  has dedicated the last few years to the production of her three documentaries on REAL IMMUNITY.Real-Immunity-Logo.png


The Quest for Real Immunity dispels the fear surrounding disease, reveals the relationship between humans and viruses, and provides insight into trusting your intuition. Watch trailer here

Passage to Real Immunity (NOW SHOWING) explains the safe and effective alternative to vaccines called homeoprophylaxis through interviews with doctors, researchers, and parents. Part two of the series has just been released: Watch the trailer here.

Choosing Real Immunity (due to be released in 2019) looks at a variety of tools to add to your immunity resources. To be released fall of 2019.

For the full versions go visit Real Immunity.org

About TheSolution_HP

The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis:The Vaccine Alternative. We are homeopaths who specialize in the homeopathic treatment of infectious contagious disease, vaccine injury and homeoprophylaxis. Visit us at hpsolution.me
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