The origins of homeoprophylaxis

Excerpted from FHCi’s newest publication, “Long-term Homoeoprophylaxis Study in Children in North America: Part One and Part Two.”

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James Compton Burnett, a homeopath contemporary to the development of the smallpox and rabies vaccines in the 1800s, was the first doctor to forcefully warn against the dangers of vaccination and the use of material disease agents to protect against serious diseases. He believed that vaccination generated a state of disease of its own resulting in its own latent miasm.

He postulated that if the appropriate immune system reaction was not developed, the effect was for the injected pathogenic material to pollute the body and result in a state of chronic disease he called vaccinosis.

Burnett argued that vaccination, as practiced by Edward Jenner or Louis Pasteur, using material doses of cowpox (for smallpox) or rabies (which were the first diseases that vaccines were created with) would eventually end in disaster because it was only temporary protection. It did not individualize the dose to the health of the individual and would ultimately cause long-term chronic consequences.

Burnett proposed the use of a homeopathic potency of the disease as a less harmful way to encourage an immune system response without the introduction of the actual disease material into the blood.

What this means is that when a nosode is introduced there is an immune response and this immune response helps to build immunity.

Table 2.1.c. below shows the total number of Unvaccinated and Previously Vaccinated children with descriptive symptoms per nosodes/remedy given. This table does not show which vaccines the Previously Vaccinated had. There were 57 Unvaccinated and 22 Previously Vaccinated with recorded symptoms. Together these children produced 44.4 % of the total number (#) of check-marked responses (265/597). 38 Unvaccinated produced symptoms to Haemophilus while only 7 Previously vaccinated produced symptoms. Of all nosodes Haemophilus produced the most in Unvaccinated (34%) while Pertussin produced the most in Previously Vaccinated.

Table 2.1.c.

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