What is homeopathic attenuation for disease nosodes?

Excerpted from FHCi’s newest publication, “Long-term Homoeoprophylaxis Study in Children in North America: Part One and Part Two.”

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To “attenuate” means to make something smaller or weaker. In electronics, reducing the amplification of a signal without distorting its sound is known as attenuation. A fever can be attenuated, or reduced, by cool bathing. A virus or bacteria can be attenuated by a variety of methods. Homeopathic nosodes are attenuated through a careful process called “potentization.” Vaccine materials are attenuated (weakened virility) by denaturing, radiation, incubation in a foreign host medium, or other methods.

Potentization is a method by which the original pathogen is passed through a series of repeated dilutions. Each dilution is followed by “succussion,” or the forceful striking of the vessel containing the solution against a hard surface. With the pathogen diluted to the point of no original molecules, and having been succussed, only its energetic frequency remains in solutioniii. It is no longer virulent or dangerous in any way.

All material, biological and otherwise, possesses a unique energetic signature, or frequency. Diluted preparations of disease agents have been shown to emit the same energetic frequency as the original disease agentiv. This frequency is sufficient to stimulate general immune system function.

Because all homeopathic remedies are potentized, the original culture or specimen can be infinitely reproduced from one original source.

Nosodes are made without additives, adjuvants (chemicals intended to increase the action of vaccines), or preservatives. Nor are they incubated on any animal or human fetal tissue. Nosodes are administered orally and one at a time. By touching upon the mucus membranes of the mouth, the body’s first line of defense, they stimulate the normal order of eliminatory immune system processes.

The homeopathic nosodes used in the FHCi HP program are derived from the discharges of active and serologically confirmed disease expression in children in San Diego Hospital (CA) from 2000-2009v.

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