2. Sharing our Stories: Real Families Discuss HP – Robert

By Deborah Landowne, CCH, California HP Supervisor.

Homeoprophylaxis, aka: HP, is a a way to educate the immune system toward the infectious disease process. Free and Healthy Children International (FHCi) offers a 44 month program using homeopathic remedies called “nosodes” to stimulate and educate the immune system toward the infectious disease process.  Nosodes are made from pure disease agents only, no adjuvants, growth mediums or preservatives.

We often get asked by parents seeking out HP: Is there a way to connect with other families who have experience with the program? Prospective parents, and also those whose children are already enrolled, want to know: What is this going to be like?  As HP Supervisors, we can describe the program and what to expect, but it is always better to hear from your peers.

Six parents have graciously taken the time to speak with FHCi and share their experiences to help the community. All names have been changed for this post.

We hope these stories inspire you.

If you’d like to share your own experience with HP, please Submit here.  Thanks to all of these parents for helping to educate others, and to all of our Member Families for being a part of our community!

2. “Robert”  Lives in NJ. He has 2 children, ages 1 and 6 years old.

“When I found out what is in vaccines and how they are made, I had a lot of concerns as

Newark New Jersey skyline

Newark New Jersey.  As of April 26, 2018 New Jersey had the highest autism rate (1 in 36) as compared to the rest of the nation (1 in 54). [1]

to additives, heavy metals, and aborted fetal tissue. It made me very uneasy; I didn’t want to do that for my daughter any more. She had received a few vaccines already. Now we have a religious exemption to vaccines. HP appealed to me…I didn’t want our son, who is 1 now, to be vaccinated. I wanted to find an alternative to vaccines and heard about HP through “The Truth About Vaccines” series. My aunt is a homeopathic doctor from India, so I asked her about it.  She referred me to an HP Supervisor with FHCi.

“I read The Solution, and as soon as I understood how it works and how it is different from vaccines, that was enough. I didn’t need to finish the book. I knew HP was what I wanted. I already knew that and had a good idea before reading the book that this was going be it.  Understanding how it works was important to me and reinforced what I already believed. It gave me a foundation and now I can explain it to people who ask me questions.

“There are a lot of new moms at church and I discuss my feelings around vaccination with them.  I told one of them who is a doctor that we had chosen to do HP.  She was impressed that I was going to do something, some sort of prevention, instead of just not doing anything. We are enthusiastic about alternatives, they work so well and should be more accessible. I look forward to having HP approved by our government in the future.

“The program is really very easy. It’s so simple to understand and to do. I was excited to get started with the schedule. We just started it with our son. We haven’t started our older daughter yet, because she had some previous vaccines.  Our HP Supervisor told us that she could have a stronger response to the nosodes and so she recommended Ferrum phosphoricum cell salt to begin with.

“We are very happy with our HP Supervisor and happy to be a part of the program.

FHCi Comment: In a previously vaccinated child without any previous homeopathic treatment, to facilitate complete immunological resolution of the vaccines the responses to HP nosodes may be exaggerated. This is because the immune system has a memory. Vaccines instruct a specific immunological response, ie: to respond to any future exposure of any of the ingredients in the vaccines. However the vaccine response is driven by the adjuvants (aluminum salts). These adjuvants stimulate a heightened allergic response or excessively high fevers.

With an HP dose, the immune system has a memory, so when the immune system recognizes the disease entity from the previous vaccine. For example: In a child who had  received the Pediarix vaccine (5 in 1: DTaP/ HepB/IPV), when giving Pertussin (single whooping cough nosode), the immune system response generated by the Pertussin would call upon the child’s previous reaction to the vaccine, over and above the normal HP response to Pertussin. The same may be true when giving the Hep B, Polio, Diphtheria or Tetanus toxin nosodes as these diseases are all in the vaccine. Each disease will pull forward the artificial, vaccine-instructed, immune reaction to that disease complex, rather than the natural immune response to whooping cough.

[1] New Jersey Autism Prevalence Rate Rises to 1 in 34.



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