Homeoprophylaxis as a Public Healthcare Model

By Kate Birch RSHom(NA, CCH, HP Supervisor MN

In December of 2008 I had the amazing opportunity to speak at an international


Hurricane season in Cuba

conference in Havana, Cuba, on the subject of the Role of Government in Infectious Disease Prevention. The Carlos J. Finlay Institute (A Cuban World Health Organization approved vaccine manufacturer) hosted NOSODES2008,[i] an International Meeting on Homeoprophylaxis (HP), Homeopathic Immunization, and Nosodes for Epidemics. Representatives from twelve different countries spoke on a variety of programs demonstrating the efficacy of homeopathy for infectious disease.

As the conference progressed, and speaker after speaker, from most every continent of the world, presented their papers it was easy to see that those of us who share the vision of the global application of homeopathy, for the prevention and treatment of infectious contagious disease, now had before us tangible and successful methodologies by which it could be applied.

Cuba has long been extoled as having one of the best medical systems in the world. Dr. Gustavo Bracho and Dr. Conception Campa Huergo, of the Finlay Institute  (created the first ever meningococcal vaccine) have been respected worldwide for their excellence and diligence to the scientific method. They have published articles in respected Medical journals for the last 20 years.

Under the direction of the Vice Ministry of the Ministry of Health known as Direccion Nacional de Medicina Natural y Tradicional, studies into the homeopathic prevention of Leptospirosis were made. The Cuban Health Ministry had been studying incidence rates of Leptospirosis since 1981. They had observed that incidence rates go up according to rain fall, and with flooding or natural disasters. The Finlay Institute had developed a vaccine for Leptospirosis but despite its use, disease incidence had remained the same. In 2007 and 2008 Cuba was struck by Hurricanes Noel and Dean, Gustav and Ike respectively.  In preparation for the extensive flooding, and subsequent increase in incidence of leptospirosis that was to follow, The Cuban Ministry set the task to inoculate three of the most vulnerable eastern provinces with nosoLEP, (a homeopathic preparation of 4 strains of leptospirosis). As compared to the rest of the country, which was used as the control, leptospirosis incidence was reduced by 84% while incidence rose by 21% in the rest of the country over the same time period.[ii] For reasons I can only surmise not a single conventional medical journal would publish this undeniably favorable outcome of homeoprophylaxis.

One of the other papers presented at the conference was the results of the world’s largest long-term study trial of homeoprophylaxis for childhood infectious contagious diseases. This program was developed by Dr. Isaac Golden, PhD, D.Hom., N.D., of Australia. Some 3000 individuals participated in his HP program. He found that the efficacy of HP was higher than that of vaccination. Furthermore his results demonstrated that children who underwent the program were also statistically healthier than those who are vaccinated or received no treatment or prevention at all.[iii]

As I have researched the subject more in the last few years I have come across numerous studies around the world demonstrating the effectiveness of HP in a variety of diseases: Polio,[iv] cholera,[v] Dengue,[vi]  Meningitis, [vii] and Diphtheria.[viii] ,[ix], [x] With these results in hand and due to increased concern over possible lack of safety with vaccination I knew I needed to make available in North America the same HP program.

Correspondingly, due to growing numbers of parents with concerns over vaccines, studies on the effects of vaccines[xi],[xii] and 2011 autism statistics released by the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS[xiii]) parents are actively seeking out alternative methods of disease prevention. In hopes to satisfy their obligation to society by participating in public health care campaigns to keep disease incidence down, many parents are looking to HP as an alternative to the regular vaccine schedule.

Under the auspices of further research into the effectiveness and efficacy of HP, Cilla Whatcott and I have embarked upon the task of educating Homeopaths to supervisor their clientele throughout North America.  We currently have over 300 children participating. All participation is voluntarily and supervised by a trained homeopath. We have written the book, The Solution ~homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative to serve as a guide to understanding how HP works in the developing immune system.

What we have come to learn is that the primary goal of HP is to educate the immune system to a variety of infectious agents, in so doing, disease incidence goes down. This goal differs from that of vaccination programs which are more about trying to eradicate disease regardless of the consequence in the immune system of the individual. The nosodes used for HP are prepared according to the HPUS a branch of the FDA. In their preparation, they have been serially diluted and succussed so as to reduce their crude form to energetic.  Dr. Luc Montagnier, The French Nobel Prize winner for his discovery of the HIV virus, has been working for the last eight years on the ramifications of his findings that diluted solutions of infectious agents emit the same frequency as the original agent does.[xiv] His findings give a possible explanation of how dilute preparations of disease agents can stimulate biological action and accordingly have the potential to produce immunity and alter disease incidence.

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    I was wanting to know if you have anything that would work for cornavirus?

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