Happy Birthday, Dr. Hahnemann!

Hahnemann Statue

Homeopathy is the only system of medicine that stimulates and assists the body’s healing system to regain health by giving an energetic stimulus to the vital force that is similar to the symptoms the suffering person has.
Our founder of Homeopathy, Dr Samuel Hahnemann was born April 10th, 1755. His book, The Organon of Medicine, is still the book that all homeopaths follow regarding the application of Homeopathy.  Homeopaths treat the person that has symptoms, physical, mental and emotional that create a change in their state of being from their healthy state.
Why Homeopathy?
The word is Greek meaning similar suffering. What Dr. Hahnemann discovered is that the symptoms medicines cause in healthy people, are the same symptoms that will be stimulated to resolve in the person that is suffering from those symptoms.
Our life force, the vital spirit that is life, receives trauma or blocks in health, from heredity or in form of infection, injury, humiliation, embarrassment, fright, violence, unhealthy housing, inadequate nutrition, unhealthy work environments. The vital force is out of balance and this shows itself as sensations, feelings and symptoms, eventually leading to pathology. Because homeopathic medicines, called remedies, are energetic in nature they cannot be and are never toxic. They are an energetic stimulus for the immune system to oppose the information and regain balance – health.
Dr Hahnemann also learned that these remedies can prevent disease and infections. This branch of Homeopathy is called Homeoprophylaxis.

Think of cutting an onion, the burning, the tears, the snotty nose…….sounds like the symptoms of hay fever….and homeopathically prepared onion (Allium cepa) can ease the symptoms of hay fever and colds, if the symptoms are similar.

Dr Hahnemann worked with about 200-300 remedies, today there are about 4000 remedies available. None have ever been removed, in fact new remedies are always being discovered.

Millions of people worldwide use homeopathy, it works for over 200 million people each year!

  • In England close to 8 million people use Homeopathy, including Queen Elizabeth and her family, because it works.
  • Homeopathy is covered by insurance or is part of the national health systems in England, Germany, France, Switzerland, India, and Brazil.
  • India has 100 million people that use homeopathy for their primary medical care.
  • In Europe 100 million people use homeopathic medicines.
  • Brazil, Cuba and India use Homeoprophylaxis successfully to stop and prevent epidemics.

Homeopathy is the 2nd most used system of medicine in the world. If you’re curious to learn how Homeopathy can help you, read more on this website and at the National Center for Homeopathy and at World Homeopathy Awareness Week.



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