6. Sharing our Stories: Real Families Discuss HP – Renee

By Deborah Landowne, CCH, California HP Supervisor.

Homeoprophylaxis, aka: HP, is a a way to educate the immune system toward the infectious disease process. Free and Healthy Children International (FHCi) offers a 44 month program using homeopathic remedies called “nosodes” to stimulate and educate the immune system toward the infectious disease process.  Nosodes are made from pure disease agents only, no adjuvants, growth mediums or preservatives.

We often get asked by parents seeking out HP: Is there a way to connect with other families who have experience with the program? Prospective parents, and also those whose children are already enrolled, want to know: What is this going to be like?  As HP Supervisors, we can describe the program and what to expect, but it is always better to hear from your peers.

Six parents have graciously taken the time to speak with FHCi and share their experiences to help the community. All names have been changed for this post.

We hope these stories inspire you.

If you’d like to share your own experience with HP, please Submit here.  Thanks to all of these parents for helping to educate others, and to all of our Member Families for being a part of our community!

“Renee” Lives in  MN. She has 2 girls, ages 5 and 7 years.

“When my 1st daughter was born they said she needed the Hepatitis B vaccine. I thought, what?! She’s hours old and you want to vaccinate her for a sexually transmitted disease?

I’m an HP Mom and these are my two HP kids

“I’m married and monogamous, why would you give this to a newborn? It felt wrong, but lots of people said I had to, so I did it and started vaccinating her. I thought: You want to give my little, tiny, 3 month old all of those shots at once? I felt lots of pressure from the doctor and my family, but it felt really wrong. I didn’t know there was another option.

“I struggled with post-partum depression. I teach and a student of mine was studying homeopathy and wanted to help me with that. Through that, she talked about HP and OMG! That’s exactly what I want!

“With baby #2 I talked to my husband, he said they need some protection if they are not vaccinated. So, I said:  Here’s some information about HP! It has been absolutely the best thing. They are so healthy and vital.  If something comes into the house they get a sniffly nose and a fever, their body responds. My kids are ages 5 and 7. Most kids their age spend weeks out of school when they get sick. Mine do not. They have a ton of energy; their skin and eyes always look good; they are really healthy. I attribute this to the HP Program.

“Our original homeopath was a little, shall I say, fanatical about vaccinations and I couldn’t handle that energy. I’m on board with that and don’t believe in vaccination, but if others do, that is great. This is just what I choose.  So I found another homeopath, who is also a nurse. She has the best of both worlds. I can heal my family with food, supplements, essential oils, chiropractic, and homeopathy. But if you break a bone you better go to the ER! I want to be a part of both worlds to keep my family healthy, and we don’t need a hard line between them.  Granted, every time we go to the pediatrician, I love him, because he’s the same way – you can do it this way or, if you want antibiotics I can do that for you. I prefer a natural approach but sometimes you need a little help.

“I read The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis: The Vaccine Alternative before we decided what to do, but I already knew HP was what I was looking for. I want to train their bodies to be intelligent, and I see it. When they get sick, I look to see what the last remedy was and what the next one is and we will dose with that. It pushes the sickness right out. My husband and I use homeopathy too, he has to get tested for glaucoma, so he talked to the homeopath about that. She put him on a remedy and his pressures went down, big time. Now he’s a believer!

“Doing the program is the simplest thing ever. I don’t have to leave my house for a doctor’s appointment and pay an excessive amount of money to have them poison my children. Everything you need is in the HP Program Booklet. Sometimes when the kids get sick we use something besides HP to get them through it. For example, my oldest has school anxiety, so she’s on a weekly remedy. She knows what it is for and is completely willing to go along.  If we gave her an anxiety medication it would change who she is. Homeopathy doesn’t change anything about them, it makes them stronger. My kids can’t verbalize what it is but they understand on some level what it does for them.

‘There was one response to a nosode, but all I had to do was dose her again and it went straight out. She slept for a day and that was all. With every dose they get stronger. My kids are ages 7 and 5 and have completed the 4 year HP program. We started it as soon as we found it, when they were ages 1 and 3. We stopped vaccinating after our 2nd child was born. My oldest had the 1st round of shots, and then I was done with that.

“How do people not know about this program? I tell people about it all the time and you can tell if they are willing to listen or not. I tell moms all the time. I just don’t get how do they do not know about this. If people knew there’d be no question about it. I think like half of the moms would be doing it.

“I am so on board with this! Every time I fill out the stupid school exemption sheet I write on it: They are ‘vaccinated’! …all over it with a big sharpie!”

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The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis:The Vaccine Alternative. We are homeopaths who specialize in the homeopathic treatment of infectious contagious disease, vaccine injury and homeoprophylaxis. Visit us at hpsolution.me
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