4. Sharing our Stories: Real Families Discuss HP – Teri

By Deborah Landowne, CCH, California HP Supervisor.

Homeoprophylaxis, aka: HP, is a a way to educate the immune system toward the infectious disease process. Free and Healthy Children International (FHCi) offers a 44 month program using homeopathic remedies called “nosodes” to stimulate and educate the immune system toward the infectious disease process.  Nosodes are made from pure disease agents only, no adjuvants, growth mediums or preservatives.

We often get asked by parents seeking out HP: Is there a way to connect with other families who have experience with the program? Prospective parents, and also those whose children are already enrolled, want to know: What is this going to be like?  As HP Supervisors, we can describe the program and what to expect, but it is always better to hear from your peers.

Six parents have graciously taken the time to speak with FHCi and share their experiences to help the community. All names have been changed for this post.

We hope these stories inspire you.

If you’d like to share your own experience with HP, please Submit here.  Thanks to all of these parents for helping to educate others, and to all of our Member Families for being a part of our community!

4. “Teri” Lives in Arizona and has 2 children, ages 3 years and 6 months.

“When we started discussing what to do we were not sure wanted to overload their bodies with so much. I researched things when we decided to have kids, and feel that

Teri AZ1

I’m an HP mom

one reason there’s not so many diseases going around is because of vaccines. I heard about a naturopath who saw pediatric patients, and called her because the whooping cough was going around. I was nervous because my older son has Down Syndrome and needed surgery and his doctor wanted to vaccinate him.  That’s why I called the naturopath. I didn’t feel comfortable doing traditional vaccinations, I didn’t know what it would do to him.

“While the naturopath wasn’t doing the HP program I found an FHCi HP Supervisor who told me about HP and I was sold. When I learned about HP it was the answer to my prayers.  I’m just doing this because it feels right.

“The children get what they need and I have the knowledge that it is helping. I know they need it and I can tell it works. After a nosode dose my children might get little fevers, runny noses, or they’re cranky for a while and then they’re fine. They are healthy and happy.  I see these responses to the nosodes, once it was like maybe my son was coming down with something but I didn’t realize it. So I checked with our HP Supervisor, who told me to give him another dose of the same HP remedy. My older son just finished the program in June. He just had a little flare up with that, and so we repeated the nosode and that cleared it right up.

“I have 2 boys, ages 3 years and 6 months.  I’ve been blown away by my son with Down Syndrome. We meet kids his same age, getting the same physical therapy as him and he’s far exceeding what they are doing. I know each child is different but one thing for him is the immune system education he’s had with HP.  Our HP Supervisor told me it is an education for his whole system. We started him at 9 months, 2 months after his heart surgery.

“We started the baby at about 3-4 months old. He’s gone through his 1st 200c doses of Pertissin and we are just 3-4 days onto the 2nd bug (Pneumococcinum). There have been no responses yet, he gets tired, maybe a little runny nose.  For my older son I was more hesitant at first, because he’s more fragile. But now I know its not a big deal so I am OK with everything. I try to hold to the schedule as much as I can so we are not overrun, plus I know it is good for them.

“Keeping to the schedule was a bit harder with my older son because of the surgery and the local Pertussis outbreak; we dosed every 2 weeks in that case.  On another occasion, I was hesitant to give the nosode while we were out of town, so I waited a week.  And once we waited 6-8 weeks for various reasons. I know it is OK because we still get the same responses from their immune systems.

“I am real grateful that I get to be part of the collective dosing process, it  feels real empowering as a parent. I am curious about school because this is not a traditional method, and wonder if I take my booklet to the school, would it count as a vaccination? Because truly it should be, in my opinion.”

FHCi Comment: In cases of possible exposure it can be beneficial to repeat the specific nosode two to three times in short succession to ensure that the susceptibility to the disease is reduced. If you know for sure that there has been exposure and have contracted the disease, dosing in this way can facilitate the actual process of disease. A nosode can be used before disease exposure as protection (HP), during the disease process to help the process along (Homeopathy) and after, if there was a long recovery or failure for complete recovery (Never-Been-Well-Since).

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