Homeoprophylaxis for Lyme Disease

By Shelly Garrison, California HP Supervisor.

HP with Ixodes dammini (aka: North American deer tick)

Does the Deer Tick Remedy Ixodes, Provide Immunity to Lyme Disease?

Consider This  –


This tick trapped in ancient amber from the Dominican Republic is between 15 million and 20 million years old. Before it died, it was carrying the type of bacteria that causes Lyme disease:

  • Ixodes dammini is one of over 250 identified tick species.
  • Lyme (spirochete), and Babesiosis (rickettsiales) are two possible bacteria found in deer ticks.
  • Lyme disease is ancient: the disease manifest of Borrelia bacteria.
  • Probably mentioned in Greece as the ‘relapsing fever.’
  • The oldest documented case of Lyme disease in humans comes from the famous 5,300-year-old ice mummy Otzi, discovered in 1991 in the Austrian-Italian Alps.  Scientists found genetic material for the Borrelia bacteria in Otzi the iceman.
  • Fossilized ticks have been found in ancient amber earthed from a vacant lot in New Jersey dating 90 million-years-old.  Elsewhere the Lyme bacteria was found in a tick trapped in amber in the Dominican Republic and dates 15-20 million-years-old.[i]
  • A tick can live several years in dormancy, not eating, just hanging there, and in 5 seconds can come to life.
  • The spirochete cells of the Borrelia bacteria of Lyme disease can hide themselves away in a host for a very long time, like an expat uncle who one day reappears out of the blue …
  • The average conventional diagnosis takes 6.5 years.[ii]
  • During those 6.5 years the patient sees an average of 9 physicians.[iii]
  • No conventional treatment exists for Lyme disease except antibiotics.
  • We are at the end of the antibiotic era.
  • Ticks travel from host to host. They live on humans and other animals (unusual), making them very social.
  • Lyme is related to the disease of syphilis.
  • Lyme can be spread by tick saliva, tears, mothers milk, raw meat, tick bite, sexual contact, and can be passed from mother to child in utero.[iv]
  • One opossum eats an average of 4,000 ticks a season.
  • Like guinea fowl they play an important role in keeping tick population in control. These regulators of the tick population have their migratory routes blocked or corrupted by contemporary life, dense population, monocrop agricultural practices, are a few examples. Nature separated, and pushed to the edges.
  • City folk are more susceptible to ticks than country folk as ticks see them as foreign out in nature.

Symptom Presentation of Lyme –

  • Initial stage – Symptoms may be numerous and often non-specific – including fever, flu-like symptoms, headache, fatigue, and a characteristic skin rash called erythema migrans or the bullseye rash, swelling of lymph nodes in the region of the puncture.
  • Secondary stage – The first months or years after an infection may go unnoticed, as there may be no discernable symptomology. But as the disease continues to burrow in, it takes the form of a chronic arthritis affecting all joints, sometimes with or without identifiable rheumatoid blood factors.
  • Tertiary stage – The third stage of the disease centers on the nervous system – nervous attack, neuralgic pains, paralysis, vertigo, or as acrodermatitis chronic atrophicans, a progressive fibrosing skin condition. Hypersensitivity to light, sound, odor, touch; sleep disturbance, cognitive impairment, ‘Lyme fog’, memory problems, mistakes in speaking and writing, dyslexia (with no previous history), spatial dyslexia, depression, despair, suicidal thoughts.[v]
  • Abandoned – a google /YouTube search with this word will inevitably show animals with ticks. With Lyme there is a theme of abandonment.     Outside of society.  Lyme is a new form of syphilis (in the same spirochete family).  Syphilis – the old disease of sailors, soldiers, and prostitutes.  Feeling separated, left behind.  Of syphilis – the saying was when it goes to the brain you will become insane.[vi]

Moving Forward with Homeoprophylaxis! –

  • Create immunity OR reduce susceptibility? This is the question.
  • We know that previous vaccines increase susceptibility to Lyme.
  • Ixodes remedy lessens susceptibility to having tics land on you and towards the development of the disease – This is not the same as immunity.
  • Lyme enters the system when the immune system is turned off. Vaccines turn the immune system off.
  • Ixodes remedy activates and keeps the immune system up and running.
  • Indeed, any well-indicated, individualized homeopathic remedy will keep the immune system up.
  • Ixodes can be used to either prevent disease or treat active cases.
  • When the immune system is activated the antibodies come to corral the pathogen and produce a die off, the system ushers out the dead, and recovery follows.
  • During the process of die off the bacteria cause numerous immunological symptoms. This is called a herxheimer reaction.
  • Nosodes work at a deep level of clearing active disease and susceptibility.
  • Clinically we see Lyme prevention and recovery using homeopathic treatment giving well-indicated remedies and supportive nosodes.
  • Ledum is the number one remedy indicated in the initial bullseye response to a tick bite.

When to Use HP/ Homeoprophylaxis –

  • During a tick bite.
  • A newly diagnosed or old case of Lyme infection, or flares.
  • A case presenting with a bullseye rash.
  • NOTE – a strong bullseye shows a healthy immune response, HP treatment will move quickly.
  • Avoid antibiotics. HP will be more effective.
  • In old cases antibiotics will just drive the Lyme deeper in the system. Work with homeopathy to eradicate the disease.

The Treatment Plan –

  • HP is individualized to the person and circumstance.
  • In new cases we move quickly through the remedies to mimic the short, intense, rapid, resolution needed.
  • We match the vital reaction as our determining factor in duration of the protocol. An acute disease should be a quick process, not a long drawn out one.  This also applies to a homeopathic vaccine clearing.
  • In old cases we take time. We spread the doses out.  We repeat each potency if needed, like a homeopathic isotherapy detox clearing.
  • Much depends on the vital reaction of the person – the degree of suppression, the power of symptom expression, and how old the case is.

Suggested Dosing for Prevention –

In addition to using Ixodes and Ledum for treatment and prevention it is best to see your HP Supervisor for an individualized treatment plan based on your unique disease expression.

Epidemic – Lyme is Now –

  • Lyme is an ancient disease: Its message is that we need to live in accordance to nature’s laws.
  • Yes, Lyme disease is now an emerging epidemic. It may be like a Biblical plague. Plague comes from flees on rats that live in the sewers- clean living sorted the plague out. Lyme is asking us to reconcile ourselves with nature.
  • Lyme is the fastest growing vector-borne illness in the US.
  • Lyme is one of the most difficult to diagnose.
  • An epidemic is a disease of the collective and comes with a message. This tick-borne disease highlights the distortion of the health of our ecosystem.  Nature is pushed to the edge of civilization. Monocrop culture is a spotlight example of a separation of man’s conscience towards nature.
  • If we are to address Lyme we must address humanity’s relationship to nature. How do we live in accordance to natures laws?

In Summary – Antibiotics may help prevent in the initial stages of Lyme but will drive the secondary and tertiary stages deeper on in contracted cases.  Homeopathy can be targeted to your specific circumstance and symptom expression. Homeoprophylaxis with Ixodes dammini can prevent the ticks from landing on you. Ledum will halt the disease at the stage of the bullseye rash.

[i]  Photo by George Poinar, Jr., courtesy of Oregon State University.

[ii] Weit Van Helmund – Presenting on Lyme Disease, San Francisco, CA, September 24, 2018.

[iii] Ibid.

[iv] Ibid.

[v] Alex, Peter. The Homeopathic Treatment of Lyme Disease. Heilung Borreliosekranker mit Homeoopathie. HomeopathyWest Publishing. 2005.

[vi] Weit Van Helmund – presenting on Lyme Disease, San Francisco, CA, September 24, 2018.

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2 Responses to Homeoprophylaxis for Lyme Disease

  1. Kathy says:

    Very interesting information. I did not know that Lyme bacteria has been around for millions of years. Can you tell me if the Ixodes nosode can be taken prophylactically for the prevention of Lyme and if so do you dose the nosode the same way you dose for HP? One single one month and a triple dose the next month or do you take the nosode on a monthly basis during tick season?
    Also , do you need to re dose this on a yearly basis during tick season?
    Thank you so much for this information. I am new at HP and prescribing as I am a homeopath as well. This is such valuable information. Thanks for sharing!

    • TheSolution_HP says:

      Hi Kathy. I can’t give medical advice here on line but you could reach out to Shelly Garrison, the author of the blog, to see if she can answer for you.

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