Homeoprophylaxis as a public health care campaign

We thought we would compare the public health care campaign of homeoprophylaxis to the campaign of vaccination.  This is in light of the latest autism statistics –  1 in 68 children now suffers from an autistic spectrum disorder! 1 in 42 boys versus 1 in 189 girls.*

If we are to inject multiple disease agents into the blood stream of infants to elicit an immune system response, then we must be able to recognize the response we are getting and determine if it is the desired response.

Campaign for Homeoprophylaxis:

  • Parents want to keep their children healthy
  • Parents know what is best for their childmaya
  • Parent are nervous about fevers but understand fevers are a good and normal part of childhood immunological development
  • Disease prevention programs should come with signs that the immune system is responding and recovering completely from stimulation
  • Stimulation of the immune system is done in such a way as to educate the immune system from the periphery to the interior, without putting the child at risk
  • Homeoprophylaxis uses doses of disease at the energetic level, one disease at a time, to gently stimulate an orchestrated immunological immune response, to build deeper and longer lasting immunity
  • By these gentle immunological stimulatory events your child’s immune system is now healthier and remembers how to get sick and how to recover
  • Voluntary participation in homeoprophylaxis actually helps to keep disease incidence down to protect the rest of the public
  • Documentation and full disclosure of all reactions allows us to know what is happening with your child and what is actually happening as a result of the immunological stimulation on a short and long term basis
  • Children can grow up free, happy and healthy without risk of adverse events that result in death, allergies, seizures, etc.

Campaign for Vaccination:

  • Disease should be feared and avoided at all costsChild recieving a vaccine
  • If you do not vaccinate, you are a bad parent and putting your child at risk of the disease which can be fatal
  • If you do not vaccinate you are putting the rest of the population at risk as your child may be riddled with disease
  • You are putting your child at risk if they have a fever
  • Infants’ immune systems can easily accommodate up to 10 diseases at one time without any immunological signs of reactivity
  • Fever reducers should be given at the time of vaccination to reduce the risk of high fevers and suppress any immunological activity because somehow we can stimulate immunity with a vaccine without getting a fever
  • Those fevers, ear infections, neurological aberrations that occur after vaccines have nothing to do with the vaccines but just show that the child has some sort of immunological condition
  • We are not tracking reactions other than those that occur in the first 48 hours after vaccines, as reactions that occur after this time period have nothing to do with the vaccines
  • It is no problem to keep giving vaccines if these symptoms are present because none of these symptoms have anything to do with the previous vaccines given
  • Your child who has behavior problems, emotional outbursts or night terrors is lacking the proper parenting
  • Food sensitivities have nothing to do with the vaccine ingredients, but rather our food sources are polluted somehow
  • Aren’t you glad you vaccinated because if you didn’t, you would probably have a child die from infectious disease
  • Occasional adverse events from vaccines are expected and they are the reasonable expense of a public healthcare model. Some children will die or suffer permanent damage
  • Most immunological responses after vaccines are considered coincidental to the vaccination and should be ignored. Both short term and long term health outcomes of our children have nothing to do with vaccines because studies have proven vaccines are safe
  • The CDC will now study and compare the health outcomes of unvaccinated and vaccinated children but this study will not be open to the public

What do you think? Which campaign elicits fear and which campaign speaks to the reason of inquiring parents?


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