The Discussion: to vaccinate, not to vaccinate, or what about HP

lemmingsTo vaccinate or not to vaccinate is the question. What happens in your family? The conversation has evolved over time. Ten years ago, if one were to say he was opposed to vaccination, he would have been scorned.

The common convention was for everyone to vaccinate; it was just assumed.  Only in private groups could you find like-minded individuals who didn’t feel right about vaccination. In these groups you could discuss other options, like what homeopathy might have to offer, or what an alternate vaccine schedule might look like?

Back then the big concern in children’s health was ADD or ADHD, and whether or not Ritalin was the appropriate medical treatment for such a condition. No one ever really talked about autism, or pervasive developmental delays. Nor was the public media full of hype about the importance of vaccination, the neglect you were exercising over your children if you didn’t vaccinate, and more importantly what a risk you were to society if you didn’t vaccinate.

Now the story is very different.  1 in 34 boys is on the autism spectrum, our schools are full of children with some sort of learning disorder (1 in 6), and nearly every child has some sort of food intolerance, allergy, immunological problem, behavior problem or more. The officials say it has nothing to do with vaccines. Parents are saying it is the vaccines.

This is where it gets interesting. How have we, as humans, allowed things to get to such a state of affairs? These are our children. Do we not have a say in how they grow and what goes into their bodies? We must keep the discussion going. Even if we don’t know the answers, we must keep asking the questions and we must start doing something differently. When it comes to vaccination or not vaccinating, how does the discussion go in your family?

In some families the difference of opinion between husbands and wives is sufficient to arrive in divorce courts. Until recently the court would usually side with the parent wanting to vaccinate the children. In other families the discussions are more amicable and the husband goes along with the decision of the mother. Maybe she is the one doing all the research. Maybe she has a gut feeling that vaccines are not good for her children.

Until recently it has looked like the only options would be to either vaccinate, give a modified vaccine schedule, or to not vaccinate. Now, however, under the umbrella of Free and Healthy Children International, we have the option of Homeoprophylaxis to educate children’s immune systems. Now, across America a hum is growing about this new way of disease prevention that keeps children’s immune systems healthy.

How is this hum changing the discussions in families about their children’s health?  How much time needs to pass, or how sick do our children need to be before we fully embrace another way? How much proof about the effects of vaccines needs to be revealed?  How can each individual’s participation in this discussion help to change the course of history? We invite you to enter the discussion with us.

Carl Jung said, “rather than being sufferers of our time, we are creators of our own epoch.”  With homeoprophylaxis we have the opportunity to change a paradigm. Rather than sit back and watch as more and more children fall like lemmings over the cliffs of bad science and financially-motivated agendas, we can forge ahead, into a new and healthier future.

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