Can my HP Child Play with Your Vaccinated Child?

There are three parts to this question. First we need tochildren play understand how disease actually works in the healthy immune system.  Next, what have vaccines done (and not done)  for the immune system?  And finally, how does homeoprophylaxis (HP) strengthen the immune system?

Point one-The way acute disease really works: Acute infectious disease shows itself by way of active symptoms, including but not limited to; fever, discharge, cough, eruptions, etc. If one is sick there are signs and symptoms of this sickness. Usually a child would be kept home from school and stay in bed while their body works out this infectious process. This mechanism is true for vaccinated, unvaccinated and HP children.  An unvaccinated or HP child with no visible signs of sickness is not contagious, nor do they harbor a list of infectious agents to infect other children with.

Susceptibility to sickness has to do with the inherent strength of the child’s immune system. The stronger the immune system, the better able the child is to defend and recover from acute illnesses. Some say acute illness actually comes along to serve this purpose: To strengthen the immune system. Sometimes children need the help of homeopathy to move all the way through a sickness.

Point two- What do vaccines do to the immune system? It is assumed that when your child receives a vaccine they are immune to a disease. Antibodies have been forced to be produced with adjuvants. This is a one-sided immune response. It is assumed that antibodies mean they will remain healthy. Truth is antibodies are not the same as immunity. Vaccinated children can still contract the disease as their general immune system function has not been keyed to the infectious agent. Truth is many vaccines are made with live attenuated viruses. These viruses can then be shed into the surrounding population even if the vaccinated child doesn’t show any visible signs of sickness. This is in direct opposition to the afore-mentioned statement that unvaccinated and HP children are not reservoirs of viral and bacterial agents as vaccinated children are.  Truth is vaccines have done nothing to strengthen the immune system or prepare that child for real infectious processes. They skew the immune system, manipulating production of antibodies.  This leaves the child in a state of sequelae from the vaccine with a variety of possible unresolved ear infections, upper respiratory infections and gastrointestinal dysfunction. Vaccines have done nothing to strengthen the functioning of the immune system. Recent studies have shown that in fact, this can leave the child more open to other infections. (1)

Point three- How HP educates the immune system: The key to understanding HP lies in the attenuation process. With a homeopathic nosode the disease entity has been diluted out of the solution. This means that there are no viral or bacterial particles left in the final preparation. This potentization process imparts an energetic frequency to the solution which is then understood by the human system. Upon exposure to the homeopathic nosode, the immune system reacts as if it has seen the disease. It learns about the disease process, and then recovers with no lingering symptoms – there are no viral or bacterial particles to transmit to others. What remains is an educated immune system and no after effects. This experience strengthens the immune system. The child is less susceptible to contacting the diseases for which the nosodes were given. The immune system has also been exercised and the child remains less susceptible to contracting other sicknesses as well. When the next virus comes along, the immune system has been educated in knowing how to develop a fever, mount a natural immune response, develop a discharge and resolve the illness.

So in answer to the question, yes, your vaccinated child can play with my HP child, because my HP child’s immune system knows what to do when it sees sickness and the viral particles your child may shed. However, your vaccinated child may be too sick with other lingering problems to come out to play.

(1) Clinical Infectious Diseases 2012;54(12):1778–83

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2 Responses to Can my HP Child Play with Your Vaccinated Child?

  1. Anna Jones says:

    i have a question about nosodes. I haven’t researched much about them but I wAs wondering if someone was being forced to vaccinate (there have been a few cases of divorced parents court ordered to vaccinate by the other parent) or severely pressured by government in the instance of some of the new laws in the USA to vaccinate in certain states, if someone were to obtain nosodes and then get titres drawn for those specific “diseases” to prove they were immune would they come back positive? Then they wouldn’t have to vaccinate? It’s a question that has crossed my mind as of late with the whole kerfuffle. Thank you ❤

    • TheSolution_HP says:

      This is the question of the year. I have a blog half way in process. Will post soon. But generally HP stimulates general immune response. As there is no germ in the nosode only the energy of the disease there is no need to remove a pathogen which the antibody would need to do if there was the actual disease or vaccinated disease. In some instances a titer is stimulated with HP but not all.

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