What is a Homeoprophylaxis Fever?

thermometerNot all fevers are alike!

A fever is the body’s attempt to remove invasion. It shows us that the immune system is working correctly! The goal is to receive benefits from the right kind of fever without risk. Let’s look at both curative and pathological fevers.

Infections are only one cause for a rise in temperature. Heat-stroke and head injuries can also produce fevers. Over exposure to a cold wind is another cause. Emotional responses, such as shock or trauma, can result in fevers. Teething children can develop a temperature with or without infection. The fever can actually be an important part of the developmental process!

The difference between a curative fever and a pathological one is shown by the general symptoms of the child. Fevers accompanied by restlessness, pain, agitation, listlessness, or stupor along with rapid respiration or feeble pulse are cause for concern.

A healthy immune response fever will come without worrisome symptoms. The child will exhibit a level of calmness and want to sleep and be left alone. Or they might be playing happily despite an elevated temp.

It is the level of suffering rather than the intensity of heat that indicates what supportive measures are needed. Intense pain, vomiting, delirium, or excess lethargy tell you to consult a practitioner for homeopathic remedies to ease the fever and support the immune process. How high is too high? A child who is up and playing can withstand a fever of 104 °F for several days with out worry. I child with a 100 °F fever who is limp and listless is cause for concern.

Parents have become increasingly afraid of fevers. Conventional treatment is to control fevers and suppress them. Doctors even recommend giving Tylenol before vaccinations. This is counter productive since we know the goal of vaccination is to mount an immune response. The fever is instrumental in accomplishing this!

It is important to monitor fevers. The concept of a curative fever must not be confused with letting a fever run wild. If left on their own, we don’t want fevers to be life-threatening. If left too long or allowed to get too high, fevers can cause serious complications. Dehydration is one of the most common side-effects. Convulsions can be the result of cerebral congestion if left untreated.

Homeopathic remedies support the body in the fever during this important immune system process. Suppressed fevers and unresolved sickness will often lead to more serious chronic illness, and a general state of weakness can thereby ensue for months or years.

Homeoprophylaxis Nosodes stimulate a mild fever while engaging the appropriate immune system disease recognition pathways, which in turn strengthens and educates the immune system.

The goal is to get the right fever, support it appropriately, and derive the most benefits for the immune system!

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