How Homeopropylaxis Educates the Immune System

Is disease bad?  What are we all afraid of?  What if there is really a beneficial purpose to acute disease?

Part of that purpose is to educate the immune system! What if in the suffering of childhood diseases there is the possibility of liberating the system from inherited encumbrances?

What we know is that the development of a fever equals a cleansing process. Metabolism is increased, toxins are cleared from the system, and we see developmental leaps after an acute illness resolves. Acute disease is called into the system to stimulate this process. The immune system is being exercised and is maturing through this natural and amazing process!

The problem is that, in some cases, the dose of acute disease may be too strong. What then? The question is how can we support the natural process of disease but not let this process be too violent?

Facilitating this process safely is the goal of homeoprophylaxis. The real goal is not to avoid disease but to capture the benefits without the suffering. The size of the dose of disease is critical in accomplishing this.

How does homeoprophylaxis get the right dose? By reducing disease to an energetic form through the homeopathic dilution process. This preparation is called a “nosode.”

Nosodes emit the same frequency as the original disease agent. This frequency acts to stimulate general immune system function. Taking a dose is like taking a tiny dose of the disease itself. Because the nosode is energetic there is no actual disease present, however when introduced to the body, the body behaves as if it has the disease for a moment. This process is sufficient to educate the immune system about that particular disease.

This is the similar principle vaccines were historically based upon. But……nosodes are made without additives, adjuvants (chemicals added to increase the action of vaccines) or preservatives!

These days vaccines have been used as an attempt to avoid disease at all costs.  However with increased chronic disease and disruptions in normal childhood development people are now questioning the costs of conventional vaccines.

With homeoprophylaxis your child can receive the benefit of catching the disease without any of the risks or suffering! THIS is true education of the immune system.

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