Research Publication Strategic Planning Meeting 2020

Leading from the Emerging Future 2020.

We are taking applications from the FHCi membership and larger homeopathic community to be a part of our 2020 research publication strategy. FHCi is a volunteer organization working to promote the use of and legal access to HP through research and public outreach. As you are a part of the public we want your input.

Deadline for application is midnight Saturday October 17. 

Meeting set for Tuesday, October 20. 7:00 PM Central time.

We are looking for movers and shakers, people who have plans and can execute them. We are looking for people who have skills in these areas:

  • health care practitioners
  • researchers
  • advertising and social media
  • lawyers and health freedom advocates
  • health administrators
  • political advocacy
  • other skills that will be able to move with us collectively towards HP as a public health option

If you feel you have any of these skills and are passionately motivated to apply them to this work please make your application here. Applicants will be screened and selected to join our online meeting.