Research Report

From 2009 to the close of 2014 FHCi registered about 300 families and 636 children in homeoprophylaxis research.
The following parameters are being studied:

Theory about HP: It is understood that when a nosode is given there is an expected mild immunological reaction. Our assumption is that if there is sufficient immunological reaction after each doses then the immune system is developing an understanding about that disease process and developing immunity towards that disease. We also understand that not every child will respond to every nosode and that immunity may develop without any noticeable signs, as either the child is not susceptible to get the disease in the first place or the nosode has already fulfilled the susceptibility without producing a notable response.

What we are tracking:

  1. Is your child reacting to the nosodes?
  2. What kinds of symptoms are they experiencing?
  3. Are parents able to give the self-administered program according to the instructions and as such is this model effective as a self-administered public health model?
  4. Long-term health outcome of the children: are they developing other symptoms/conditions such as allergies, skin conditions of neurological/behavioral conditions, as compared to the rate at which these conditions are developing in vaccinated children?
  5. Long-term medical costs of Children who have used HP.
  6. Overall satisfaction with the HP program.

All registered families are expected to have completed the program by the close of 2017. Data tracking and analysis will be completed During the winter of 2018.

We are looking for funding to pay for independent analysis during the spring of 2018. It is expected we need between $8000-$12,000 for this analysis.

We are accepting donations here.

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