All HPx Programs coming soon!

Healthy immune system maturation, restoration of genetic governance of the immune system, and so much more can be facilitated with HPx.

In the new year 2023, we are launching seven new HPx programs for the betterment of the health of humanity.

All of these programs will be accessible through our new research platform.

We are building an extensive database system to research HPx with the goal of changing the public health care paradigm for infectious diseases.

We are fundraising to pay for this. Join us. Pay it forward. Climb on board for the new world.

Fundraising goal $5000. We will be fundraising through the month of November 2022.

About TheSolution_HP

The Solution ~ Homeoprophylaxis:The Vaccine Alternative. We are homeopaths who specialize in the homeopathic treatment of infectious contagious disease, vaccine injury and homeoprophylaxis. Visit us at
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