What is healthy immune response to infectious disease?

Excerpted from FHCi’s newest publication, “Long-term Homoeoprophylaxis Study in Children in North America: Part One and Part Two.”

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In order to have a healthy immune system, the immune system must know how to develop a fever and resolve that fever. Immunity develops through a subtle interaction between disease agents and the innate intelligence of the body.

The system of homeopathy has both remedies and nosodes that facilitate this process. These are selected homeopathically by their symptom specificity to the symptoms presenting in the patient. An HP nosode will activate the immune system process that acute disease needs to resolve itself. Nosodes can be used before, during, and after contraction of infectious disease.

Circle of natural disease
  • When a nosode is used before exposure to disease this is homeoprophylaxis. When given before exposure and symptoms develop this immune system process mimics the natural disease process and relinquishes the need of the disease to do the same.
  • When used during active disease this action is supportive to the immune process intended to resolve the disease and will provide stimulus to move the individual through that process.
  • When used after an active acute disease, in cases of never-well-since infectious disease, a nosode acts curatively.
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