Adverse events for HP

Excerpted from FHCi’s newest publication, “Long-term Homoeoprophylaxis Study in Children in North America: Part One and Part Two.”

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Table 2.1.b. below shows reported adverse events* compared to total number of dosing series per individual nosode/remedy. As per table 2.1.a. in a total of 9,333 individual doses given, there were no adverse events reported in both Unvaccinated and Previously Vaccinated cohorts.

*Adverse events as defined by the National Institute of Health guidelines for research on human subject is defined as a death, life-threatening adverse drug or device experience, inpatient hospitalization or prolongation of existing hospitalization, a persistent disability/incapacity, or a congenital anomaly/birth defectii.

Table 2.1.b. – adverse events reported

ii (1999). Guidance on reporting adverse events to institutional review boards for nih-supported multicenter clinical trials. National Institute of Health. US. (Last viewed 4 October 2019).

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