Recent FHCi Testimonials

“I am happy that HP is an option. I feel confident that this program is building my children’s immune systems without damage.”

– HP Parent

“When it comes to using HP for the whole family, we have all seen major leaps in healing, specifically the use of the strep nosode. For one family member who had used antibiotics in the past to suppress a strep throat, the strep nosode brought the strep up and out in the form of a bright-red, itchy, full-body rash that was gone by morning, waking with clear skin.

A young family member who struggled with food sensitivities and had been exposed to strep very early has seen healing with the strep nosode as well. From brief red rashes on the skin as it works its way out to then not being as sensitive to foods and able to slowly add favorite, yet problematic foods (fruits of high acidity) back in.

If anyone is a naysayer and thinks homeopathy doesn’t work, just give them HP. Then they will know it works.

-HP Client, 7/2020

“My husband and I began our journey with Homeoprophylaxis (HP) in 2014 after we had our first son in 2013.  After he reacted poorly to the tetanus vaccine, we knew we needed an alternative to traditional vaccinations that did not involve additional harmful ingredients.  We found our homeopath, Kate Birch, and began our journey.  We chose HP because of the way it naturally and properly educates our bodies to build immunity and fight disease.  Because disease enters our bodies through an open orifice (ie: our mouth, eyes, nose), the oral HP educates our bodies by going through the natural process of disease;  it enters us through our mouths, and in turn, our body’s immune response is activated to fight the disease in the way it normally would if exposed.  When we had our second son in 2015, we chose not to give him any traditional vaccinations and started him on HP.  Now at ages 4 and 6, our children have been healthier than many of the other children they are surrounded by.  We are confident in our choice of HP and highly recommend this form of immunity for those who want to educate their body’s immune response in the way it was built to do.”       

– Jen, 4/4/2020

“Knowing what I know about health (having transformed my life homeopathically), and like many others in the field of alternative healing, I’ve had a different view of the Covid-19 phenomenon from the beginning. It was a natural choice to gravitate out of the often-times hysterical, fear-based reactions, and move logically into deeper inquiry about what’s actually going on in the multifarious layers of our collective reality. Knowing something about the historical success of homeopathy in pandemics, it was a lucid choice to keep abreast of the current work in homeoprophylaxis (HP) being done around Corona. I feel fundamentally reassured to retain sovereignty of my health during this time, through the use of HP, whilst able to trust completely in the processes, people and structures at FHCi that help support my well-being.”

– Clare, 4/8/2020

What other HP parents are saying…

“The HP program is amazing! I’m happy that I have found this alternative to vaccines, without any harmful effects and is, at least, just as effective at preventing diseases. My daughter is healthy and strong and she loves taking the pills. The only thing is to remember to give it once a month, and not eat 30 min before and after – that’s literally the only responsibility I have and it’s worth it in order for my daughter to have an educated immune system toward common childhood diseases.”

“This is the only way I know of in the U.S. to get unvaccinated children some immune system education that is safe.”

“The HP program and homeopathy in general has been the best thing for my kids and my family. I discuss HP with mothers who seem open to homeopathy and an alternative to vaccinations.”

“Everyone needs to know what a great alternative to vaccines this is!”

“It is easy to administer.”

“The HP program gives me a great sense of encouragement with all the turmoil the media presents around the idea of forced vaccinations. My family and I prefer to build natural immunity, and HP is part of that.”

” HP works well and is much much safer than vaccination injections — no pain!! And also helps your immune system get stronger. My boys get a cold and it lasts 2-3 days; the other children I look after lasts for weeks.”

“I highly recommend.”

“Best decision I have made for my children! Very easy to follow and sets my mind at ease that they are getting immunized.”

“My oldest son is diagnosed with Trisomy 21, had open heart surgery and has difficulty eating. I trust his leaps and bounds are because of this program. Many moms comment on how social, well advanced, and HEALTHY he is! My youngest is 5 months, has 5 teeth, rolling over, sitting up, and can’t wait to crawl, again I feel this program has helped them thrive!”

“We were thrilled to find an alternative and this makes sense to us logically and scientifically.”

“Love it! My children are perfectly healthy.”

“My two boys are happy and healthy thanks to the HP.”

“Offering HP gives families great comfort when they choose not to vaccinate.”

“I love to help spread the word about homeoprophylaxis. Let me know how I can help.”

Share your experience with Homeoprophylaxis!

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