By Beth Chambers, HP Mother in Colorado

As a child of a family that solely practiced allopathic medicine, I should have never felt drawn towards homeoprophylaxis (HP).  Except, I was. In the fall of 2012, my first child was born.  After zigzagging from a home birth with a mid-wife, to a 38-week breach baby, I was left with no alternatives other than a hospital birth. Prior to delivering, I had a frank discussion with my husband that no matter the state of my health during and after birth, he was to be with our child – no matter what. We had heard stories of medical procedures performed on children without parental consent, and I was never going to let that happen.  

After leaving the hospital, we decided we were going to do things differently. It felt magical to have a clean slate to build my baby’s health from. I breast fed her for 2.5 years and used homemade fermented vegetables as her first food. She ate organic food and had filtered water. It was not until she was 2.5 that she had sugar. She never saw a doctor for sickness and while many of my friends struggled with constant rounds of antibiotics, my daughter never had illnesses that lasted longer than 48 hours.

In late 2015, my second child was born. One thing that struck me with his birth was the wave of anxiety I had about his health. When he was 4 months old my daughter was diagnosed with strep throat. After having a fever for a week, we finally took her in to the pediatrician. A round of antibiotics was prescribed and I was devastated. The sacrifices I had made for her gut health, would be seemingly be erased and take years to repair. As I sat on the couch crying, I told my husband there has to be a better way to heal from strong bacteria and viruses.

It was soon after this time that I was introduced to HP as offered by Free and Healthy Children International. My son began the program at roughly four months and my daughter at 3.5 years. I began the program as well at that time. The healing that has taken place in my own body is nothing short of amazing. My children are now 4.5 and 7.5 and the only antibiotics we have ever given was the one round for my daughter’s strep. When my son came down with strep throat and scarlet fever, I treated him solely with HP and homeopathy. I have even thrown our thermometer away. My children understand the necessity of fevers and viruses. We respect illness and understand how it helps us grow mentally and physically. To say that HP has changed my life is an understatement.  The process has allowed me and my children access to real health and strong immune systems.

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