The Importance of a Fever

By Shelly Garrison, C.C.H.

When symptoms are suppressed through the use of antipyretic fever-reducing meds the situation is more likely to turn into a pneumonia as a complication of the flu.


The homeopathic approach is to strengthen the individual, to lessen the susceptibility to getting sick, or otherwise move through an acute illness more swiftly and without complications.

If sickness does occur the use of homeopathic treatment can assist the body to develop the appropriate reaction facilitating efficient passage from one phase to the next in the immune system process. It can help the immune system make the sufficient and required action to remove the pathogen via fever, localization, and discharge.

During a viral illness it is important not to suppress a fever, in most cases. Mounting a fever is the immune system in high-performance action doing its job and it is necessary for the full infectious process to resolve. The body has the ability to self-regulate even very high fevers. It is a very rare situation when it cannot.

Hydration is essential. Be sure to maintain hydration including a pinch of sea salt and sugar in lemon water, diluted fruit juices, and broths.


The worst problems occur when people get a viral infection and then use fever-reducing antipyretic drugs, such as aspirin or acetaminophen. Fever is an important defense of the body. Suppressing fevers can be dangerous. Homeopathic remedies are excellent in supporting fevers, while quelling discomfort, providing pain relief for relaxation and the ability to sleep while the fever is busy at work.

Homeopathic remedies will support a healthy fever without suppressing it, and this is in part why many recover more quickly when using homeopathic treatment. When symptoms are suppressed through the use of antipyretic medicines the situation is more likely to turn into a pneumonia as a complication of the flu.

Scientific advances, through the use of antibiotics or genetically modified viral vaccines, have given us a false belief that we can, or have, eradicated certain disease processes. While vaccination may eliminate the pathogenesis of a particular disease, and antibiotics may kill some pathogens, we must remember these entities are living and have their own imperative to survive.

Such methods have certainly had their historical relevance and important use, and may still have in some circumstances, yet we must realize the inherent aspect of denying our immune system the ability to evolve alongside these organisms, leaving us further vulnerable to their growing virility and our diminishing immune strength which is notably reflected in this era of less acute disease processes (the attempt to eliminate childhood infectious disease; prevalent use of over-the-counter medications that mask symptoms, etc) and greater-than-ever chronic disease states, auto-immune conditions, cancers, and neuropsychiatric illnesses. Many of these illnesses have an iatrogenic origin. These methods have not necessarily improved the immunological process of the individual because – we have not solved the problem of susceptibility.


  • Fights infection
  • Activates white blood cell soldiers
  • Slows bacteria and viruses
  • Acute Phase response
  • Helps you recover quickly
  • Protects the body
  • Does not cause harm
  • SIMPLE FEVERS UP TO 104 degrees Fahrenheit ARE NATURAL !

Give thanks to your body’s innate intelligence.

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