Understanding homeoprophylaxis affirmed my maternal instincts

By Claire Marlowe, HP mother of two in Montana

The moment I became pregnant with my first, I started educating myself about childhood disease.  I didn’t know the specifics of why our current system of vaccination could be dangerous, but my experiences with western medicine up until that point made me very wary, and led me to question the current, popular ideas about health that are considered true, proven and best.  I was already using homeopathy for my own health and I wondered if it had applications for infectious disease.  Through my searching, I came across Free and Healthy Children International (“FHCi”) and homeoprophylaxis (“HP”) and was instantly intrigued, as I had been using homeopathy, very successfully, on myself, family, friends, and pets for years.  The theory behind homeopathy is sound, and I’ve proven it true to myself time and time again.  It stood to reason there was merit behind the theory of HP as well.

When I chose HP, I knew I was going off the beaten path.  I knew there would be people close to me that would question my decision.  It wasn’t easy “bucking the system,” but I knew in my bones that HP was the better way.  When I encountered push-back, and even outright hostility from people close to me, my mommy instinct just wouldn’t let me back down.  I had spent countless hours educating myself, and in the end, mommies always know what’s best for their children.

I signed up with an FHCi HP Supervisor when my first boy was six months old.  He is now seven years old, fully educated via HP (except for Varicella and Strep A-G, both in progress), and has never been to the doctor!  Granted, he’s a cautious kid, so we don’t have many accidents, but he’s also never needed any medical intervention other than homeopathy for all the various ills of youth including colic, colds/flu, strep throat, pink eye, motion sickness, sunburn, growing pains…the list could go on.  I attribute this phenomenon to choosing HP (instead of vaccines), and homeopathy (as my first line of defense).   I understand that while the HP program educated my son’s immune system to infectious diseases, it made it stronger overall, while at the same time avoiding the many questionable substances in vaccines that, according to common sense, serve to weaken our immune systems.  My son’s great health is almost an anomaly in today’s age.  I invite other parents to question why that is and to go on their own journey to find their own truths about infectious disease, immune system education, and normal health and development of their children. You can find an HP Supervisor here.

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