The Story of Measles

By Kate Birch, RSHom(NA), CCH, Minnesota HP Supervisor.Measles

As I have been on a quest to bring insight and understanding in the dangers of vaccines, I have spent a considerable amount of time watching how the proponents of the vaccine paradigm have been so successful in their propagation of the irrational thinking that drives the vaccine paradigm. I have come to realize that they are as successful as they are due to the susceptibility of the individuals that resonate with the fear of disease platform. This fear of disease drives the appetite for vaccines. This vaccine propaganda was first started with smallpox vaccine in the 1800’s and polio in the 1950’s. These diseases struck a chord on the vital force of humanity. That of a self-flaw (smallpox) and fear (polio) respectively. With this ill foundation in the human consciousness, from the import of a sycotic disease (smallpox) and a syphilitic disease (polio), through mass vaccination campaigns, the appetite for vaccines became insatiable. That is until we now when we have reached globally reached a critical level of vaccine damage. Estimates from alternative researchers estimate that 1 in 2 children will be autistic by 2032 if we continue to vaccinate at the current rates.[i] With the reality of this trajectory, parents have begun to protest the perpetuation of more vaccines. Interestingly, those promoting vaccines have been using outbreaks of measles and attaching fear of the disease (polio) and shame of not being vaccinated (smallpox) to pressure society to take the MMR vaccine.

This is where the story becomes ironic as the vaccine most implicated in vaccine damage and autism is the MMR vaccine. Because of this and trying to figure out when humanity would wake up to the errors of vaccination I decided to take a silent meditative proving into the nature of measles. In 2016, starting on New-Year’s eve through to the morning of January 2nd, I secluded myself in a silent meditative state, journaled as needed, and took 6 doses of Morbillinum 200C, each dose two hours apart. What came forth in me was a significant amount of anger and resistance. Feeling like a warrior and defending myself. The image depicted above, came in my mind.

Measles is an acute eruptive disease that is meant to occur in childhood (childhood infectious disease). On the left of the image you see the parenchyma of a human body. On the surface of the parenchyma there is a rosy red halo region and then behind are the stars. What I understood from this image was that for an individual to survive measles the disease calls upon from the interior of the individual a degree of inflammation on the periphery of the skin in order for that individual to survive in the outer world (stars in night sky). This means that the disease of measles is calling from the depths of the vital force a reactive febrile, eruptive, and discharge mechanism to cast upon the skin. This reactive mechanism is designed activate fight back of the vital force for the sovereign individual to survive. According to Rudolf Steiner philosophy the best time to contract measles is between five and seven years of age when the soul fully descends into the body.[ii] The degree of inflammation is equal and opposite to the weakness of the reactive mechanism of the child. Accordingly, a healthy child with a strong immune system will have mild symptoms and move through the disease with minimal fever and eruptions that resolve in a short amount of time. Conversely, this means that children that have a weak vital force and/or deficient nutritional status will have a more intense surface reaction to survive. If a child’s reactive mechanism is too weak then the disease will strike in to the nervous system causing encephalitis and mental retardation. This helps to explain why the MMR vaccine brings about autism which is basically inflammation of the brain caused from regressed measles.

However, as humans operate in collectives I believe that on an unconscious level, when measles is being used to drive the promotion of more vaccines, those with a healthy immune system are activated into fighting against forced mandates of the vaccine paradigm to ensure the survival of their children and humanity. Thus, we can say, measles as an active acute disease is necessary for the survival of the individual and ultimately humanity. The ability to eradicate measles as an active disease will never happen until an individual’s survival is guaranteed. In reality, measles is needed to test our survivability and to cull the weak. Without the expression of measles, on the surface of our skin, we as a race will, one by one, be rendered to a state of mental retardation: I.e. the projected trajectory of the autism epidemic.

From a holistic point of view, we can say that infectious disease agents are intelligent beings that have a survival prerogative beyond our will and any intervention modality. They are gifts to humanity from the natural world to help wake us up and stimulate an evolution in our human condition.




[i]. Bigtree, Del. And Wakefeild, Andy, MD. Vaxxed: From Coverup to Catastrophe. Cinema Libro Studio. CA. 2016

[ii]. Steiner, Rudolph, edited by Husemann and Wolff. Anthroposophical Approach to Medicine. Herdon, VA: Steiner books.

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