PART II: Homeoprophylaxis for Cholera after Hurricane Matthew in Haiti

By Juian Heng, New York HP Supervisor

Cholera retreated, thanks to modern sanitation in the twentieth century. Then, in 2010, it Haitire-surged in Haiti. The outbreak could be traced to a group of UN peacekeepers from Nepal based at the tributary of a river from which people downstream drank. Its spread was compounded by a series of natural disasters in quick succession – the earthquakes of 2010, Hurricane Sandy in 2012 and Hurricane Matthew in 2016 — that compromised infrastructure and water supplies.

Homeopaths Without Borders has been working alongside non-licensed and licensed medical professionals in Haiti since 2010 after the earthquake. In January 2011, while working at a cholera treatment center in Haiti, Dr. Ed Broussalian successfully used Phosphorus as the genus epidemicus.[1]

When Hurricane Matthew made landfall in Haiti in October 2016, the Haitian Homeopathes Communautaires turned to their North American colleagues at HWB to advise on how to organize medical care for the communities that were most susceptible for cholera. Together, they decided that using atomizer spray bottles of diluted Phosphorus for prophylaxis in the countryside would be the best was to reach the most people.

“At the start of every clinic, a Haitian homeopath would explain the procedure and let people know that by administering two sprays to everyone the disease could be contained.  Hundreds of people were treated at these clinics and outlying areas.  Pregnant women, the elderly, and small children were treated first, as well as the clinic staff.  Our Haitian colleagues reported back that there were only a few cases of cholera in these communities, and they were very mild. These folks never got to a more advanced stage”, explained Lauren Fox, FNP-BC,CCH, Clinical Director for Homeopaths Without Borders.  All members of the teams remained healthy.

“With three 6-ounce atomizer bottles the Haitian team was able to treat hundreds of people in communities where no effective conventional treatment was available.  They continue to use this method.” Lauren continued.

She also explained that HWB does not use a cholera protocol as such. “We follow a strict Hahnemannian procedure. There has to be an outbreak, from which we get the genus epidemicus of the outbreak (matching the symptoms of disease to the symptoms of a remedy) and treat accordingly.”


[1] The California Homeopath Journal of the California Medical Society (

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